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Not far, but too far to walk

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    OK I am watching. Big time. Clean this up and cut it out. If I return, I will have the finger on the ban button.
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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      Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post

      It could be that FF knows that in general, a person cannot walk all the way to the end of their life. But "Not far, but too far to walk" still seems like a (if you'll pardon the expression) lame clue, because it is too vague.
      Here's some more of this (my) argument: FF can interpret the poem in any way he wants, to provide plausible deniability. If he says WWWH, he could mean any specific bathtub on the face of the
      earth. If he says "canyon", he could (per his writings) mean a line in any human hand's palm on the face of the earth. He never seriously wanted anybody to find the TC. That's why he didn't hide
      it in a logical place that the poem directs a reasonable, logical searcher to.
      That's why everyone is all over the map and not one area is agreed upon.
      If you look at important literature it seems to have interpretation for WWWH
      Reasons include:
      In literature rain is usually mentioned as a representation to gloomy,dark,boredom or depression
      The books he went to borders for were all part of the literary canon
      Time,Time,Time....constantly mentioned
      Robert Redford did write a book...The outlaw trail....A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME
      Authors he spoke of all suffered from depression
      Forrest's self confidence was really down at the bottom....A kid gave him kismet...kismet basically means "your lot in life"
      PG 56 Forrest brings up sitting at the side of the road,considering his lot in life"kismet"pondering if anything was left in his future
      Then going on to ode to Peggy Jean... they nursed my confidence all along the murky trail that I thought was disappearing into the black abyss( the canyon down)

      Begin it where warm waters halt= when Forrest got cancer
      And take it in the canyon down= falling into a pit of depression
      Not far but too far to walk... Forrest's journey through time
      put in below the home of brown=his final thought of where he was going, put in or entombed,pillowed down and scented in.... the fire escape in spanish class= down the tubes,meaning too far gone or unable to recover, his britches were stained a heavy brown colour...all the kids noticed me....looked like he soiled himself
      My thought is the poem goes through his story then you use the meaning of each part as the clues....if that makes sense.


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        Originally posted by kpro View Post
        OK I am watching. Big time. Clean this up and cut it out. If I return, I will have the finger on the ban button.
        Thanks KPRO


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          I am probably too simple minded, but I think he was just telling us that we have to get into our car to get to the next clue. My "put-in" below HOB happened to be about 8 miles from WWWH.