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What were your 9 clues and how did you interpret them?

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  • What were your 9 clues and how did you interpret them?

    As a companion thread to the community location map, please briefly share what you thought were the 9 clues and what you interpreted them to mean.

    For me:
    #1 Begin it where warm waters halt= Your search begins in Yellowstone National Park
    #2 Take it... = follow the Yellowstone River...
    #3 In the canyon down. = North into Yellowstone Canyon.
    #4 Not far but too far to walk = follow it for 30 miles by boat.
    #5 Put in below the home of Brown = put in below the old ranger cabin.
    #6 no place for the meek = do not follow the trail
    #7 no paddle up your creek = follow the creek upstream on foot...
    #8 found the blaze = ...until you see the bright flamed shape spot on the canyon wall ahead.
    #9 look quickly down = Stop immediately and look down at your feet. It should be sitting right there.

    Should be interesting conversation

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    Originally posted by GoSlash27 View Post
    As a companion thread to the community location map, please briefly share what you thought were the 9 clues and what you interpreted them to mean.

    For me:
    #1 It begins where warm waters halt= Your search begins in Yellowstone National Park
    #2 Take it... = follow the Yellowstone River...
    #3 In the canyon down. = North into Yellowstone Canyon.
    #4 Not far but too far to walk = follow it for 30 miles by boat.
    #5 Put in below the home of Brown = put in below the old ranger cabin.
    #6 no place for the meek = do not follow the trail
    #7 no paddle up your creek = follow the creek upstream on foot...
    #8 found the blaze = ...until you see the bright flamed shape spot on the canyon wall ahead.
    #9 look quickly down = Stop immediately and look down at your feet. It should be sitting right there.

    Should be interesting conversation

    What happened to the rest of the poem?
    You're only halfway through the poem!.
    It sounds and feels like you ended up on the 4th clue!


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      The rest of the poem I consider to be illumination, not clues.


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        Very strong solve GoSlash. I like it.


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          I go through the nine clues in my video. The starting point seems very difficult to refute. The ending point not as much.

          1. WWWH = "The Eyes" where warm water halts or shows weakness (see Stout Hearted Men chapter) , Los Ojos, NM Fish Hatchery, 13 miles and 212 degrees to El Vado using a compass, the Home of Brown in the Rio Chama Canyon. Los Ojos also means "Springs" and many cold water springs flow into Rio Chama at Los Ojos, halting the warm water and making it cold enough for trout
          2. Put in below HOB = Rio Chama boat put in at El Vado, below well know spot of the largest Brown trout in NM
          3. NPFT Meek = El Vado Office, Place of the "Brag board" where you take pictures of your fish in front of largest Brown trout ever caught and been there since 1947
          4. End is ever drawing nigh; no paddle up, heavy loads, water high. El Vado Dam water release (turn left 90 degrees, water ever drawing from bottom of dam, heavy electrical and water loads, proceed at water high bearing of 167 degrees using a compass, water high is the height of the water at El Vado Dam when full - 167 feet)
          5. Been Wise and Found Blaze - travel at 167 degrees on compass until you "find the blaze" which is Chama Peak which just appears over the horizon behind a hill a 0 degrees North when you are on a Cuesta on the banks of Rio Chama and aligns with an Owl on pictograph on the cliff on the opposite bank of the river. You are wise - meaning aligned, and you are at Forrest's Secret "Were", or Man (see the word werewolfe - old English Were means man). See google earth location on map - the site looks like a man - head and chest and "gut"
          Look quickly down your cuesta cease. Still part of clue 5. Your initial quest has ceased at the "cuesta cease", the cliff where you are standing to find the blaze, Chama peak, just appearing on the horizon aligned with owl pictorgraph on opposite cliff.
          6. But Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze , Just take the chest and go-in piece - Most difficult line to interpret in the poem - meaning use marvel gaze (crystal ball gaze like professor Marvel) to look quickly down cuesta cease (end of cuesta at river edge) using backwards bicycle vision (crystal ball acts like a mirror image lens) which takes you 750 feet back across Secret Were's chest and into his gut.
          7. Here me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold - List (like a ship lists) N (the letter N) good. Must go in the shape of an N using three more waypoints (as compass bearings) for the key distance. Key was determined by your initial quest which ended at clue 5 (IT or your instrument test ended at clue 5 - your initial quest ceased) IT gave you the key -15 miles from WWWH. But you must go "in peace" which is latin for pace. So you must go 15 (key distance) paces (in peace) along each leg of the N. First waypoint bearing is your "F-fort". Fort Fetterman Wyoming, known for its cold harsh winters and a place Fenn hunted for artifacts. The Only "F-fort" in the search states.
          8. If you are brave and in the wood - La Madera high point. La Madera means "the wood", wood is singular and high point is the peak standing out bravely in the La Madera mountain chain. This gives you the next waypoint bearing on you compass to go 15 paces
          9. Title to the Gold: Tom's Baby is the largest gold nugget to be found in the lower Rockies and is proudly displayed in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It takes the figurative "Title" for the largest Gold nugget and was found in Breckenridge Colorado. Your final waypoint bearing is Breckenridge Colorado. Go 15 paces toward Breckenridge Colorado, and you will find the treasure.

          Confirming details in TTOTC found in my movie. Secret Fenn Map clue found in my movie. Owl pictograph and letter N pictograph found in my movie. Movie sequences through the nine clues.

          Must List N good


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            Originally posted by lowkey View Post
            Very strong solve GoSlash. I like it.
            Thanks, lowkey . Very kind of you.



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                For me Taos was FF's special place that made his career and along with Eric Sloane allowed him to become a wealthy art dealer. So I searched the Taos area and that was where my final solution was.

                1. WWWH = Ponce de Leon Springs a/k/a Taos Pueblo Springs - a famous historical hot springs used by the ancient pueblos hundreds of years ago and a sacred place to the tribes today. A group bought the land and formed a preservation trust and appointed the Taos pueblo as the trustee to protect the land forever and prevent development or commercialization, which had happenned in the past.

                2. Canyon Down = Miranda Canyon - due South - another story in preservation, the land was bought from developers and given to the Forest Service to become part of the Carson NTL Forest, preventing commercialization and development that would have destroyed this wilderness area.

                3. "IT" = the el Camino Real trail that runs down Miranda canyon- follow it due South - this landmark has not been recognized or preserved.

                4. Put In Below the Home of Brown = where the el Camino Real is intersected by a creek - turn left and follow that creek uphill to the site of the ancient place known as "molo nan na" or "the pot dirt place" where the pueblo dwellers got brown clay for their brownware pottery, which Fenn collects and has donated to museums

                5. The site of the Home of Brown is actually an old strip mine/quarry today and the original ancient clay mines are destroyed and buried under mined rock. The tribe sued the mining company and was able to get ownership of their ancient lands and they shut down and reclaimed the mine known as the US HILL MINE. When you look at this site from an aerial view you see the letter F in the landscape -

                6. THAT IS THE BLAZE. You must be wise to find it. It is not visible to anyone who comes to the area. You can only see it from above- like on Google earth.

                This is the new part that I never got to search, and the reason I think it is still viable:

                7. Look Quickly Down - go due South along a particular line of longitude that intersects the angle of the F shape on a map

                8. Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze - following the line of longitude you come to a ridge line/mesa that has an amazing view of the Sangre de Christos.

                9. Take the chest and go in Peace - The path has taken you all the way out to within 1000 feet of the High Road to Taos, which is famous for all of the historical mission style churches along its route (go in peace) , and the angle of the line from the Blaze lines up with the High Road in this spot. So you search up and down the line and the chest would be a few steps from this pathway. The area is not accessible from the highway, so it is technically "remote" because it's up on the ridgeline high above the highway, with a commanding view all the way back towards Santa Fe, where he could sit back and look as he took his last breaths. You access it from a Forrest Road in a Jeep and walk about 500 feet, so FF could have hidden it here.

                All of these historical sites are contiguous and there are no gaps in the path from start to finish. History, archaeology, pottery, tribal sites, environmentalism, preservation - what more could you ask for.


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                  My interpretation of the poem is pretty straightforward and literal. I will work on it and have an explanation with photos, hints etc. I got through clue 8 and was working on 9. I wound up in "Row 4 Block 23" at the end of the poem. I should have it done by tomorrow night.


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                    #1 BIWWWH Fishing rules in NM
                    There’s a map on p 8 showing warm waters. I took WWWH to be below El Vado reservoir near where the Nutrias comes into the Chama.
                    #2 ATIITCD Go down the canyon (downriver).
                    #3 NFBTFTW at least 10 miles from WWWH
                    #4 PIBTHOB Raft put-in at Chavez canyon about a mile downriver from the monastery (hoB).
                    #5 FTINPFTM Canada de la Fuertes. Fuertes means bold and that’s the opposite of meek. Also, the more difficult rapids along the Chama start after the Chavez Canyon put-in.
                    #6 TEIEDN Look for a draw or slot canyon coming into the Chama.
                    #7 TBNPUYC JHLAWH This describes the draw. I thought it was Canada de Potrero. I thought heavy loads might mean large boulders at the mouth of the draw. I thought "no paddle" might mean don’t go up it. I also thought paddle sounded like paddock (potrero). My other interpretation was that TBNPUYC meant you couldn’t paddle back up the Chama and water high was a hint that directly up river from Potrero was where the water in the Chama was deepest. Now I wonder if “water high” might have been a hint for the high water line. It appears that’s the boundary between the state owned land (riverbed) and the National Forrest land.
                    #8 IYBWAFTB My blaze was the Chama river (it means blaze in Portuguese). This line is past tense. You had to find the blaze before you started.
                    #9 LQDYQTC I was never sure about this one. Quickly means rapidly. Since the rapids start at the mouth of Potrero I thought this might mean to look downriver.

                    Forrest said GE can’t help with the last clue and that a physical presence is needed to complete the solve. So maybe the Finder is the only one who really knows the last clue.
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                      I think I got 9 clues and 15 hints in the poem.


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                        For me two was heavy loads...maybe even a 300 Win magnum but it even could've been nine with nice glass. I am thinking Simmons or the like because Leupold, Nikon at the time weren't available and back when you could get nice stateside glass. Plus I just realized Weaver was popular too back then I have one on my single shot bolt Springfield but it's not heavy at all.
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                          Ok, here it is....

                          I posted this on a different thread but it is part of my process.
                          • I started by buying a 1946 paper map of Wyoming. I figured that was what Forrest and his family would have used on there trips to Yellowstone. I wanted to see what roads they could have used and what places they may have stopped at while traveling to and from Yellowstone. I saw Ft Brown just below Lander and then saw Sinks canyon and began investigating from there.
                          • About the same time someone named Mike on another blog pointed out that on pg 57 in TTOTC it says "cave" in the bushes just to the right of Forrest's right hand. I looked at that and noticed that it also says "sink" in front of that. That prompted me to look carefully through the other illustrations. I then noticed on pg 67 what looks like the words "moss cav" in the grass under Cody's front legs. When I saw that I went to google and entered "sink cave moss cave" and found out that Sinks canyon is a popular rock climbing destination and there is a place named Moss cave there. I then ended up buying a book called "Lander Rock Climbs" to see if I could find Moss Cave. It was in there and also showed it's location in the canyon. I also recalled Forrest using the word "Belay" incorrectly and thought that he did that to draw attention to rock climbing. So all of that led me to believe that Sinks cave was/is Where warm waters halt.
                          • Since Forrest says the poem is a map I thought somehow you had to get a direction or description of what to look for.
                          • The Sinks are a "Rock well" since the are underground and hold water. That is the reason for all the Norman Rockwell drawings

                          Clue 1 - Begin it(the search) where warm waters halt and take it(water) in the canyon down not far but too far to walk
                          This is Sinks Cave in Sinks Canyon State Park, Wyoming.. The water goes in to the cave and disappears underground. It reappears 1/4 mile away at the rise by coming up from the ground.
                          See attached link


                          Clue 2 - Put in below the home of Brown
                          This is The Rise. There are brown trout that can not go further upstream so this is there "home". There is also an actual brown cabin just above the rise. You can see it when you look at the google street view.

                          Clue 3 - From there its no place for the meek.
                          So from The Rise it's no place for the meek. If it's no place for the meek then it is someplace for the bold or proud. Bold or proud describes the cliffs above the Rise so you look up.

                          To me "The end is ever drawing nigh" was a direction and not a fixed clue location so it meant to the left and behind you.
                          So you follow the cliffs towards the west which is up river.

                          "There'll be no paddle up your creek" was the trail that leads up to "heavy loads and water high". There is a "lightning" shaped trail that is used to access the climbing walls.
                          One definition of creek is a narrow or winding passage

                          See link

                          Clue 4 - Heavy loads and water high
                          This is moss cave. There is water that comes through the rock above. Also Heavy loads (Wind) and Water (River) High(Mountains) is where Sinks canyon is located.

                          "If you've been wise and found the blaze" refers to "Owl Rock" that is near the beginning of the trail that leads to Moss cave. I saw it labeled on a map somewhere but cant find it now.

                          Clue 5 - Quest to cease
                          "look quickly down, your quest to cease" means look south at the end of the cuesta.

                          This bring you to the "George". I found a reference to this when I was using the TOR browser. Someone who was at the University of Missouri Geology camp was writing about a hike that the students make to "George".

                          * I saw who I thought was another searcher here. I didn't see any other reason to be in the area. Male, camo pants, boonie hat, green tee shirt, had a backpack, late 30's to 40's, Ex military or maybe high school/college athlete. He had what I call a fit/fat body.

                          -Father on the Banco hint. The father of our country, George Washington.

                          But tarry scant with marvel gaze refers to 2 things.
                          1)The switchback road you see when you are on top of "George" is shaped like a peace dove.
                          2) The beautiful view towards the West

                          Clue 6 - Just take the chest and go in peace
                          This means take the "chest of the dove" towards the west and not the chest of the "buffalo". E.G. take the I-10 freeway towards Los Angeles.
                          When you look at the big picture you can see both the "dove"and "buffalo"
                          Clue 7 - So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek
                          Head west on the dove chest( Louis lake rd) until you reach the tip of the beak of the dove. There is a "Y" in the trail there about 50 ft from the road. So you leave the road and go up the hill to the west (Altus seek)

                          I think Scrapbook 107 comes into play here. Something I wrote on another thread...

                          OK...So in my interpretation this scrapbook is hinting at clues 6,7,and part of 8.

                          Clue 6 is "Take the chest and go in peace". The arrangement of the pen, cap and $5 bill are referring to the loop road (Louis Lake Rd) switchbacks in Sinks canyon. See the Dove with the wings? This is the "Take the chest and go in peace" . The chest of the dove.

                          Clue 7 is "So why ("Y") is it that I must go and leave my trove(discovery) for all to seek( altus seek ).
                          Take the trail just off the head of the dove and when you get to the "Y" in the trail go straight up.
                          That brings you to the top of the hill and when you look west you see the "U"
                          So now back to Scrapbook 107, the address on the envelope U uceet= U, you see it?
                          Look at the center of the photo

                          The "U" is half of clue 8.

                          The answers I already know, I've done it tired and now I'm weak
                          So you were driving on the road( done it tired) and now you are headed to the "Y" in the trail (now i'm weak)

                          4th definition
                          adjective - Lacking intensity or strength; faint.

                          So hear me all and listen good-Pay attention to what I'm about to say
                          Your effort will be worth the cold- Not real sure on this line but I thought it may refer to (Yore f fort)a "fort" Forrest has or had in the area which may be what you are looking for. I think this is why Forrest always just used " f ".

                          Clue 8 - If you are brave and in the wood
                          When you get to the top of the hill directly above the " Y " and look west, you see a sideways " U " that stands out. The far side of that " U " is also a one eyed Indian head when viewed from a different angle and the " U " is brave(Making a fine display; impressive or showy) .

                          Clue 9 - I give you title to the gold . The one eyed Indian(brave) is looking toward the treasure location.
                          Title- A general or descriptive heading, as of a book chapter.


                          This led me to "Row 4 Block 23" of
                          Section S23 T32N R101W
                          Meridian Sixth
                          State Wyoming
                          This is the "almost umbilical" hint. See TTOTC top of page 147.

                          I last searched the 40 acres during the last week of May 2020. I thought I searched it all but didn't. I thought it ended at a certain landmark but it actually was about 500 feet further.

                          I have lots more but this is already too long.

                          Of course this is all IMO

                          See photos...


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                            Photos continued


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                              All 9 clues were literal and by definition. Simple. Full solve with BOTG pics of possible exact location. Please check it out Slashy.