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Barbara Anderson - Elephant?

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  • Barbara Anderson - Elephant?

    Just listened to the interview of Barbara Anderson talking about her solve and some clues she saw in photos recently circulating. What is this about an elephant in one of the photos?

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    It's the mastadon, meaning she may have got 3-4 clues in. With that, maybe she'll pay more attention to the solve than the blog. She's in here looking for the lead searcher. Even though that is not the finder.
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      Highly suspect she's just a plant for y'all's ongoing TTOTC entertainment. an aberration. As I seriously doubt that anyone could actually be that ridiculous. Possible I guess, but idk.


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        Originally posted by Redneck Express View Post
        Highly suspect she's just a plant for y'all's ongoing TTOTC entertainment. an aberration. As I seriously doubt that anyone could actually be that ridiculous. Possible I guess, but idk.
        TFTW It is one of the geological formations
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          Maybe it has something to do with a trunk


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            Originally posted by Old blue View Post
            Maybe it has something to do with a trunk
            The poem tells you where the elephant belongs. Three of them in a row to be exact.
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            And then another at a place called horse creek.
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              Monument of Pre-Historic America Towering monuments in the canyon 1,800 feet high Elephant rock. This one's near the hob, well the 1st hob of 2, theres 2 of everything, well, i thought there was,is. I'm in the fenial stage
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                According to the interview, here's what convinced her it was in New Mexico:


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                  „It‘s almost impossible to carry the torch of truth through a crowd without singeing somebody‘s beard.“
                  G. C. Lichtenberg


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                    Does she give her full solve ?


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                      I always thought that 'exploded' hat was a nod to the first atomic bomb test down near White Sands. (Mildew = Military Do). That whole place is covered in barbed wire. Bob wire may just refer to Robert Oppenheimer (aka Bob or usually Oppie, the quoter of Hindu poetry "bringer of death" and writer of his own poetry in the early years).
                      In fact, the Trinity site where the bomb was detonated is an oval with an obelisk inside it to memorialize the occasion. An "Oval tine".

                      Warm Water was supposed to halt it initially. They has spent $12 million (in the early 40's? crazy!) on a massive steel and concrete to-be-water-filled container called "Jumbo" to hold it before deciding it would hinder the data they needed from a real life scenario.
                      It fell from it's wooden hangman position from the Trinity blast but stayed whole.
                      Later on, they devised a test to blow it up packed with TNT so the government could not complain about the expense. Only the ends blew off. It is still there!
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                      It isn't down here, way below Santa Fe, obviously, and I did not use this in my solve but I think this was Forrest's way of telling us to "imagine".
                      These are stories that play out in the geography.

                      It could be a starting point though, right? I mean Von Braun (Brown) lived in Las Cruces (garden of crosses) on Brown Street. There is another Ojo Caliente tribe down here. "The warm water people". They were halted at Ft Union at one point - to be held during a truce- and Ft Union is almost exactly 180 south of the Denver Museum of Science and Natural History by precisely 265 miles.

                      Check if you like. I have a lot of these things! I love to find them!

                      (apologies in advance for these really cool rabbit holes. I hope you find the carrot I did not!)

                      The hat and Trinity site on a map. (trinity is my tiny green pin left of the top of the 'hat') Please compare to the Scrapbook and see if you also find some resemblance.
                      Maybe? Maybe not?

                      Click image for larger version

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                      Here is the oval with tine up close:

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                        Originally posted by minotaur_moreno View Post
                        According to the interview, here's what convinced her it was in New Mexico:

                        New Mexico is wrong. Even if she apologizes the damage is done with accusations that finder hacked her computer and harrassed her with text messages.


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                          There are laws that protect against these things. It is called "Vexatious Litigation".
                          I don't know how often they are used. I imagine it happens when a defendant is singled out by someone in multiple frivolous lawsuits or a single judge sees the same person over and over and over.

                          The person isn't always intentionally lying. It is possible to have unmerited lawsuits that a person truly believes in. At the same time, the public needs some protection against it when they are routinely and unfairly brought to court.

                          Look up the entire realm of gangstalking and those who believe they are "Targeted Individuals". It's a whole little separate world of the internet who reinforce each others' belief that they are being routinely followed, recorded, harassed, and hacked as part of 'some' secret nefarious plan by government/cartel/mafia/church etc.... Some are simply schizophrenics who deny they have it and will not take medications (very common) but many do not have any serious mental disorders other than a focused 'delusion of persecution' in a certain area. I have seen some evidence of persons in the "Chase" that would fall into this group. I am not surprised there would be lawsuits, for any number of reasons. It's just part and parcel of anything where people had expectations in their lives that were dashed and are looking for someone to blame for the unfair result.

                          I have had a friend who stayed with us and wanted to look in my attic for the 'recording devices' he was sure were there after his arrival, so I have some experience with this.
                          I try to be compassionate as long as it doesn't scare the kids.

                          disclaimer: I am not making any judgement on the merits of this particular person or their right to be heard in a court of law.