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  • The Nine Clues

    This is what I believe the Nine clues are based on in Forrests poem. This is only in my opinion of course.
    We know Forrest was very successful wjth his Art gallery and the people he associated with that made the business as successful as it was.
    I believe Forrest not only had the knack for business and to grasp the opportunity when he saw one, but most importantly was Forrests ability in understanding people and their worth in the growing of his business.
    Ennegrams are nine personal personality types as determined by the Enneagram Institute number, nine being Peacemaker.

    Below is the link for the Enneagram Institute starting with #9. For myself this was a facinating read
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    Love the Enneagram. Don Riso is a friend of a friend -- my buddy helped him create the system. I have all the books, some signed.

    While I try not to allow any one personality system to coerce me into thinking i fit neatly into "a box," I do believe many of these systems prove to be useful tools to aid self-understanding. What I really like about the Enneagram is the migrations in health and unhealth (because that's prescriptive in a way that lets you see where you are trending and why and what you can do about it.) I'm a 7 if ever one was, and health for me is moving toward 5, which is FOCUS. When my mind is scattered among many items outside my control, I "go to 1" (the reformer) and "lash out" / get critical, set harsh lines and expect the world around me to change to conform to my ideals. But when I focus on what is lined up, right, and true, I'm at my best.

    I can't say for sure, because I don't know the man (at least I haven't met him "in person"), but I'd venture to guess Forrest is a 5 with a 4 wing. 5's and 7's make excellent pals, because 7's help bring 5's out of their shell a bit, and 5's reel 7's in and help them to focus. The two can have a lot of fun together, and moreover form extremely productive partnerships. 9's, who doesn't love 9's?! My girlfriend has a good bit of 9 characteristics to her personality. That said, she may be a 5. (not entirely sure as she's never tested.) What can I say, I'm a lucky man, even if I am still a bit lost on my path.

    I also score extremely high in "4" and "2"

    2 -- grandma / helper / caretaker
    4 -- artist (often feels misunderstood and out of place -- Bob Dylan being a 4's 4)

    anyway, thanks again for sharing an awesome topic. that's what the Chase is all about.

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      I'm about as interested in that as in astrology. Did you know that the Archer is also associated with Geena Davis? Imagine that!


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        Archery 360 › 2017/05/26 › celeb-...
        Web results
        This Celeb Was a World-Class Archer. Now She Campaigns for Women's Rights. - Archery 360

        On target.


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          Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post
          I'm about as interested in that as in astrology. Did you know that the Archer is also associated with Geena Davis? Imagine that!
          I think she is extremely bright, like mensa levels too.


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            I can't confirm "Mensa levels" on Geena, but I met her and her husband (at the time) after a play. She's bright... and quite tall -- I estimated 6-foot like me shaking her hand.