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A message from Douglas Preston

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  • A message from Douglas Preston
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    Douglas is so passionate about this I think I will buy 10 and give them all away.


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      Haha... at 1:30 into the video Doug declares war on the internets and tells us to shut the tubes off and alludes to abandoning the forums to read books instead...

      I will say that from a prepper's point of view, having a substantial amount of books stockpiled to read can really help one keep their sanity and remain grounded in any type of long term crisis. It is right up there with having a supply of hard candy to break up the culinary monotony and offset what may at times be a very bland or exotic diet.

      Everyone thinks prepping is bandaids, beans, and bullets, but life is more than just trying to survive. It's about thriving by living each day to its fullest.

      So update your prepper list to read thusly:

      Bandaids, beans, bullets, and BOOKS!


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        I currently have about 20 books I haven’t got around to reading so I’m good for awhile. But I like the idea of supporting someone who is trying to become a well known author.


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          In light of Douglas's plea I recommend this read. .

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            Originally posted by Countryboy View Post
            In light of Douglas's plea I recommend this read. .
            I highly recommend his podcast (sorry, not a book) Revisionist History!