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  • Taking the trash out

    So at least the guy has figured out how to use different IPs. OK, so a bunch of new user requests have come in with similar ridiculous names, so I am slowing on new users being processed for a few days. Seriously, find something better to do with your life. Yes, being banned from the other place and now here, makes for a grumpy guy. Oh, and yes, please do sue. Happy to take this one head on. And yes, I was in contact with one of the people being paid to stalk the site and you tube with shenanigans like this. Wow, that money should be donated to a good cause rather than spend it on silly things like that. Catch my drift

    Thanks to all that are flagging, it helps me a ton when I come in and take out the trash

    K aka, grandma (ref: Rounders)

    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    Some people I just don't understand. It's like they get off on ruining things other people enjoy.

    I'm rough around the edges and not all of my posts are pleasing. I'm not a fan of the ban, but I get it when it comes to people who are not on the forums because they love and are having fun with the Chase and their only agenda is to try to steal the joy from those who are having fun with the Chase.

    They are the reason that for bar being higher here for a post to be acceptable than where I think that bar should be set. And because of the high bar, this forum is much tougher for newbies to assimilate to and people that don't always clear that bar like me. But I do have a better understanding of why it is this way now and I can't argue that setting the bar higher is wrong.

    But a history lesson is in order.

    ChaseChat used to be the dominant Chase forum because its founder, Stephanie was an incredible and awesome searcher back in the day. The archives there are full of great posts. But then the drama happened. Apparently Steph had some personal issues and became bitter with the Chase and developed an unhealthy relationship with it. And that really breaks my heart and serves as a warning that the Chase can be a dangerous hobby if you let your relationship with the Chase spiral out of control. If I understand correctly, Steph stepped away from the Chase and ChaseChat and put the moderation in the hands of others who went on a banning agenda for a time. This caused you Kpro to start this forum, THOR, and Harry to start Harry's as alternatives to how crazy ChaseChat became during that time.

    But alternatives are almost always a good thing in a free society. Not so much as competition, but as alternatives to a one size fits all like Communism would dictate. Ideally, all Chase forums could and should complement each other. Just like how the fast-food joints tend to congregate on the same corner in every town. They all know customers will shop around, but by building a collectively larger customer base, each food joint will actually have more business than if they were scattered miles apart all over town.

    If I may be frank, it seems to me that Harry deals with the problem of people joining to be disruptive by making it hard if not impossible to get membership over there. My guess is you have to be known elsewhere before you are considered for membership by Harry. So Harry doesn't have to deal with the fake ID's and spoofed IP's because almost no one is accepted unless they are already well known and pass muster. But it keeps Harry's forum small and slow on postings. That's great for those who have been around long enough for Harry to know who they are and add them. But not so good for new searchers who haven't been around long on the other forums. All they can do is read the posts in the public areas until they have enough time on other forums to be considered for membership there. I consider myself very fortunate to have been accepted by Harry because the moderation is very light there, the way I prefer it, despite the cost to new members being excluded.

    I also consider myself to be fortunate to be a member here as well. I try to be more cautious with what I post and how I post it here because of the stiffer moderation. That's my responsibility to maintain my membership here in good standing understanding that it is much easier for new searchers to get a membership here.

    There is something that I do want to say about ChaseChat from my perspective that may not be popular on its face, so please hear me out. I didn't get on ChaseChat until around late 2018 or early 2019. I didn't have a history or any baggage from the past because I was still a very new searcher. And while I did go there to bash you Kpro for the whole "recording-gate" thing that I took out of context, no one there ever treated me badly, even when I posted my retractions and apologies about how I had jumped to the wrong conclusions. ChaseChat is still the "wild west" of the Chase forums, and almost anything goes there, but there, ChaseChat is still evolving for what I think is the better.

    There are still many good searchers on ChaseChat in spite of a few really bad apples. I'm still a member there too and I have argued with all of the moderators there at one time or another. None of them ever deleted any of my posts that I am aware of and none of them banned me as of yet. They were all good to me. Yet those of you who were banned in the ChaseChat "purge" that I think was back in 2017 before I heard about the Chase, were banned for making much the same arguments I made in 2018. I have to count that as a good sign, although I realize those old wounds inflicted on those who were banned in 2017 will probably never heal. Because of that, I will never feel as comfortable posting about the Chase there as I do here and at Harry's. And I may have never heard about Harry's until I saw "Top Secret's" rants about how evil Harry's was. I think they eventually banned him or her. I miss that guy.

    I love Jenny and Mysterious Writings, but I just don't feel like I'm not a good fit on her forum. And that's back to me and my questionable posting character.

    Dal's is a blog with comments rather than a forum. I'm not a good fit there either except for posting the occasional comment.

    I have been invited to the Reddit Fenn discussions, but I never really got into Reddit.

    I haven't been on Facebook much in the last 3 years or so despite getting on one day a while back to join some Fenn groups that I haven't been back to. I used FB for work in the past and at one time I had several thousand friends but it became impossible to keep up with.

    My point here is there are many online options for searchers to interact with each other and to discuss the Chase. Most of these weren't around back as recent as 2017. I see having all of these options as a great benefit to the searcher community at large.

    So there is no reason any individual searcher should not be able to move to a different venue if they don't fit in well at any particular one of these social media platforms.

    Unless of course, they don't fit in well at any of them. In that case, there is always that person in the mirror to talk to.

    So why do they keep trying to sneak back in here where they have been banned because they couldn't get with the program and obviously don't fit in very well?

    The only reason I can think of is they have lost their joy of the Chase and now want to be as disruptive as they can be to steal the joy from those who still have it concerning the Chase.

    As mad as I'm sure that makes you Kpro for having to waste your time dealing with them, you have to feel at least a little bit sorry for them at the same time. I mean what kind of life can someone have who obsesses over things they don't enjoy?


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      Let me clarify a couple of things.

      LM - the issues I have with CC and the reason I started THOR is NOT due to poor moderation and banning. Sure, it was irritating, and the site was basically single handedly destroyed due to one poor decision of who to put in moderation, but my reason was altogether different. You were not around, so I will briefly give the information. In the bitterness of those referenced, F was said to be “Bill Cosby” and “pedophile”. There were other terms used, but those were the ones that made my blood boil. There was a female searcher that was discussed by name and her teenage daughter. Many of us asked for proof and what was posted was so ridiculous as a response, it made some laugh and most just were sick from the very thought of the measures some were taking. Of course, the law intervened (eventually, but that post was up for days) and the thread was “accidentally” deleted, meaning nobody can attack a child. Laws are in place to protect people who want to protect their child. THAT was the reason I started THOR. There was a TON of great searchers still discussing the chase, and ignoring the attack on a woman and child over there. I think everyone hated it (except a few), but there was no other show in town (like you said, it was tough to get on Harry’s and it is rougher than some would like). I do not pretend to know all that happened in the past with Forrest, I will simply say, to attack a woman and a child makes my skin crawl. And I do NOT think he is a child predator. In their quest to attack Forrest, they did NOT care about a child. A child. These are mothers. How that is even possible blows my mind. So, I started THOR and the site grew instantaneously. My goal was 20 users in the first month, and I think we had hundreds. They banned me over there, since I was inappropriately “stealing” users. No, I was giving them an alternative to what they were offering. I take the ban. It took a while for word to get out the site was here. And most came over. So that leaves a handful. Those mostly bitter about Forrest, hate him or this chase, they just to jab and something not-as-nice about the chase. One or two fixated about me. Post daily until they are banned, then they come back and fixated on me again. Then they pop up here under a different screen name. Anonymous emails. They are suing me. And a lot more I would not even mention. Yes, there are a few good ones left, but many know what happened and would never Post there out of respect to Forrest. And out of respect to women and children.

      Think about it this way. You were upset at me when you heard me talk loudly at F. Can you imagine how you would feel if you heard him being called a pedophile or Bill Cosby? Long drawn out discussion, the most popular thread. For days. Also talking about a mother who was not OK with such discussion or talk about her daughter.... a child. And all of this in the name of women? It bothers me, just how terrible women can be to women........ and hurt a child in the mean time for their own personal vendetta.

      So I know some say they would NEVER go back after they saw what I did...... that is like me. Some are here only because the masses came here, and they don’t care or ignore the disgusting behavior. Some are new and had no idea what this is all about. But we are all here. And an opportunity for good search talk. I will say, I have never seen you post anything on Harry’s that would get you banned here. I think some think the rules are stricter than they are. Yes, cursing is not OK, but heated discussion is - I would like to see more content based search talk here.

      I don’t mean to start any drama with this, I am sure the drama will ensue over speaking about it and the perspectives how they differ, but those who have been here from the start know.

      Coinster - I do not check IPs coming in (until this last week). I know many people have multiple accounts. I get involved with sweeping or checking on a few occasions. When one account is attacking, then they jump to the next to attack or Gang up on someone. Or when flags are thrown by more than one user on a new account. Maybe there are other reasons. But I don’t have the time or inclination to do so. And apologize to everyone, if I was more tech savvy, I could probably check quicker. So, if you have a second account, ok by me, not ideal, but I can see why for a few reasons some would do that. I don’t out anybody, I see that as a part of being here. There is a function to check those with multiple accounts, and I did that last summer. I was surprised at the number, it was like 50 as I recall. I thought, oh, if they are doing it, some good users, so be it. Some don’t even use them, some do on occasion. Whatever, I think for the most part, it is silly fun rather than for a negative reason. I will not change this due to one or two bad apples spoiling the bunch. But when I do have to step in, I know check for other IPs and ban them all, since many are worked up when they are banned and go down in a blaze of glory with their other handles. Also, it is just a ban, take a breathe and just come back after a little bit.

      OK enough from me. Have a good weekend search friends.
      “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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        Thank you KPRO! I will make a replica copy of the frog for you if that magic happens.... No, you can’t have the original!


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          Originally posted by Coinaster View Post

          Thank you KPRO! I will make a replica copy of the frog for you if that magic happens.... No, you can’t have the original!
          Definitely not - I retain the "copyrights."


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            And it is not me.



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              Originally posted by Coinaster

              I doubt ff has much in the chest other than his bells or jars and literary works that he owns a copyright to! I could be wrong! ff will advise the finder.
              Hope he stuck a whistle in there too!


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                Coinster, Thanks for the offer, I love frogs, I inherited a collection from my Mom when she passed. My fella got me one for Christmas. Click image for larger version

Name:	6CA2AE11-B5F6-4BDF-8702-0C977533DD8A.jpeg
Views:	760
Size:	1.87 MB
ID:	137652

                Pretty cool, that guy gets me. Which is nice. Never thought I would see the day that I would care about someone who “gets me”. It has been a long road for me, but I am getting there.

                SeanNM, I do NOT think it is you. Nor Jason or Sacha (there was an issue last week on YT about the vague references made have made some believe I was referencing them, so the only reason I bring any of you up). Nope, this is a pack of people with one in the lead, lead dog I guess, you know, those wolves in sheep’s clothing? And they are relentless, but I have a good network of people around me who don’t let me get upset, just keep on keepin’ on. I will always try to fight the good fight. And for the record, I do NOT have issues with you. We have a miscommunication in which I think there are some upset feelings. I am not downplaying its importance, as I know you are upset about it. I hope we discuss one day and I hope we get past it one day, because I consider you one of the good guys.
                “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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                  First off....this is for the thread...second....there's only one lead dawg and it aint those tbags


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                    How Santa Clause And Consumerism Saved Christmas And Why I Love Almost All FennTubers
                    By LurkerMike

                    The December 25th Christmas Holiday started out as a Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice. Like the Pagan celebration of Ishtar (Easter), Christmas was reappropriated by the Romans after the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great's conversion to Christianity to a Christian themed holiday celebration. Probably the baby Jesus was not born on December 25th, but there were apparently no complaints from the Christians who had not been fed to the lions yet.

                    The celebration of Christmas in the US goes back to its founding because the majority of early European settlers to the New World were very religious Christian practitioners, at least by today's standards.

                    However, since the early 20th century when the Athiest Communist Revolution killed the Tsar and his ministers and Anastasia screamed in pain, there has been a concerted global political effort to eradicate all religions and religious practices around the world including in America. The words "Separation of Church and State" do not appear in the US Constitution nor in the Bill of Rights. They appeared only in a private letter penned by Thomas Jefferson. Yet they are touted as being some kind of law and believed wrongly by many to actually be a law.

                    The point of this is that the Christmas Holiday in the US would be in serious jeopardy today had it remained solely a Christian celebration holiday. It would be easy for those seeking to banish religious practices to call for the Christmas Holiday to stop being a recognized national holiday in the US had it not been for the fact that the Christmas Holiday has morphed over the last couple of centuries into a secular celebration of consumerism as much as anything religious-oriented. Paganism alone, the Solstice and Santa, would not have saved Christmas because, like Christianity, Paganism is also a religion that must be eradicated by Communists and Atheists.

                    So like the Chase, the Christmas Holiday in the USA is anything anyone wants to make it and can be celebrated or not as anyone pleases. It can be celebrated for the Solstice, the birth of the baby Jesus the Christ, Santa Clause, and gift-giving, or just to take a day off work unless you work at Waffle House. Waffle House is a restaurant popular in the South that never closes. They don't even have a lock on the door to close even if they wanted to.

                    I love Sacha and Jason and I understand how she is opposed to the merchandizing of the Chase. I can't say she is wrong necessarily, just as I can't say Christians who have the same complaints about Christmas being too commercialized are wrong. Nor do I have to argue to defend the Christmas Holiday from being eradicated by Communists and Atheists because many large corporations and the American economy itself have become dependant on a large share of annual profits because of the Christmas Holiday spending and they will defend it viciously.

                    Again like Christmas, the Chase is a big tent and can accommodate many different points of view that are intended to be constructive.

                    We don't always have to agree about everything or share the same points of view.

                    But we all need to work on being more tolerant of each other.

                    Just because we are always going to disagree on some things, doesn't mean we can't still respect each other as fellow searchers and agree to disagree.


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                      Wow! All of this is news to me. I never knew there was this much back story. I did my first BOTG last year after studying the poem and his books but stayed away from the forums except for dal's. I figured that's where FF had an official channel so why not pay attention to that? Fifty different sobriquets with the same IP is a lot maybe I misread and it's just 50 users with different accounts. I can see why having a different nom-de-plume could be helpful in this quest because it could tease out conversation. In that sense, a crowd solve is possible. I found something last year that was incredible. It would not have been possible but for the help of someone else's idea but that was before I was ever a member of any forum. It was a she and she told me where to look. Once I saw it I couldn't unsee it. I will never actually say what I saw here or in any other forum, it is, after all, a competition.

                      Sounds like someone is playing an interesting game here...perhaps they would benefit from using TOR. Perhaps also there is a different mechanism for trust available to the forums? How could someone be paid to troll the site and why? This is all very interesting to me.

                      As to the Constitution, the First Amendment has the establishment clause, which states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;".... which is essentially the same thing as saying separation of church and state. So much of this chase is about artful language I couldn't resist pointing that out.

                      As to KPRO... as my name implies I am in fact an attorney and post generally from two IP's maybe a third if I use my phone so please don't ban me.


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                        I do as well.

                        The difference in the verbiage "Separation of Church and State" and "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" is significant.

                        It probably could have been argued in the past that the US government did, in fact, sanction Christmas as a religious holiday which is prohibited by the First Amendment. But that day has long passed as Christmas as it is today can be argued to be a secular holiday with only its origins in religious practices going back thousands of years for Pagans and some two millennia for Christians.

                        In any case, my point is that Chase merchandising is a similar argument to the Christmas Holiday where searchers have the right to choose whether to participate in it or not. And it is an individual's choice so that means there is no one "right" or "wrong" decision, as long as Forrest Fenn or any official designee that he might specify approves of those items that might otherwise infringe on his "brand."

                        Of course, I should make clear that am in the camp that loves the Chase merchandise. But I understand and respect the reasons of other searchers who don't.

                        The bottom line is that I don't see the Chase merchandizing being detrimental to the Chase in that all but one searcher will have nothing to show for their search efforts if it weren't for the Chase merchandise. I have two searcher coins that I treasure and soon the Chaseopoly that I will also treasure. I hope to pass these items down and hopefully be remembered by my future descendants for having participated in this epic adventure. For me, that's a great thing considering how many thousands of dollars I have and will continue to spend searching the Rockies from my home near Atlanta GA. I won't go as far to say the Chase merchandise is "saving" or will "save the Chase," but I will say that I am glad to have it as an option for those like me who like collecting it as souvenirs of time spent chasing the thrill.

                        The Chase merchandise is just like everything else in the Chase, all participation is VOLUNTARY and each searcher is solely responsible for the decisions they make.


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                          Nail on head Lurker!


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                            But the main point I was trying to make is that I believe it is a good thing to have so many forum and social media choices.

                            One round hole for all shapes of pegs is always going to lead to problems. Having more options helps people find a place where they fit in better to socialize with other searchers and exchange ideas.

                            As I said on the recent Marathon Show, the searcher community is much better organized today, largely because of these additional options than it was in years past and is now far more capable and doing a much better job of policing itself online.

                            Hopefully, over time we start to influence reporters to add what we see as common sense advice to their articles like if it is a dangerous place that requires specialized gear like a rope to get to it, it is simply the wrong location and the chest will not be found there. If one thinks the chest is hidden in such a place, one would be far better off searching in Kansas instead because the result of not finding the chest will be the same, but searching in Kansas would be a lot safer reaching that conclusion.


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                              I was literally taking my trash out when I saw this thread this morning. #Stinkronicity
                              It also made me think about some volunteer work I've been doing for half a year in MY special spot.
                              Sometime's life's ironies lead down the dirtiest of rabbit holes.