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Forrest Fenn discussion marathon! ALL DAY!!!

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  • Forrest Fenn discussion marathon! ALL DAY!!!

    join us for the Forrest Fenn discussion marathon! we are streaming LIVE all day!!

    11AM Pacific!

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    These clips weren't as big in my opinion as some of the previously released ones. Good times though and nice to see a lot of faces show up. Thanks for putting this on!


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      Thanks for the marathon Kpro and Cow! I only caught the end, so I'll be spending the next week watching it.


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        Am I the only one having trouble watching the marathon after the fact? On my laptop/desktop/the YouTube app on Firestick/ and the YouTube app on XBox, the thumbnail says the video is 11+ hours, but when I click on it, only the last two hours will play. Oddly, I can watch any part of the 12 hours on my phone... so I guess that's what I'll keep doing. It's just less convenient and is a small screen.


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          A lot of people were only seeing the last 2 hours of the marathon! YouTube has finally finished processing so here it is in its entirety WITH the chat.


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            I thought I was entering a video queue about 5 minutes early before my scheduled time slot and I would be standing by like in a green room since Kiwi's Road was still on.
            Then at some point, I would be introduced and actually put on the air by Kpro and CowMike after Kiwi's Road had finished. I had my YouTube minimized so I could hear it but not see it. I had been busy all day but I still had 5 minutes to make any last-minute adjustments.

            So I really had no idea that I had gone live at 10:39:33 and was in the process of making those last-minute adjustments thinking I was not yet on the show. Doh!

            Rookie mistakes