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Forrest Fenn Treasure - THE POEM!!

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  • Forrest Fenn Treasure - THE POEM!!

    This is about the youtube-video (live stream)

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    I'm one of the ones that cannot watch the live show on youtube. However, I'd like to discuss topics covered in the show. Perhaps so much not discuss, but share my oppinion about the ficures and speculations.

    The numbers (percentages) of what clues are clues and what's not, I'd have an oppinion of that.
    First of all, I think that the blaze is not the last clue. It is the final destination in finding the TC, but not the final clue in the poem.

    "Look quickly down, your quest to cease" - I imagine this is a hint.. or clue.. on where it can be. It states that you actually should be "fast", not just linger around. In my solve, this have a real impact on the solve and cannot be shuffeled away to not be a hint or clue.
    "But tarry scant with marvel gaze," - This is also a hint in which general location the blaze is. Also explained in my solve.
    "If you are brave and in the wood" is also somewhat a clue. It just states it's not down in the flatlands. But if you find the home of brown, this is a hint of where to find the blaze / TC.

    So saying there's no clue after the blaze is wrong in my oppinion.

    I would put different number of the percentages of how accurate the clues are. For instance, the "The end is ever drawing nigh;" I'd put 0% on, since I dont think it's even a clue, just a part of the poem to make it nicer. :P


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      ...Or I would say there's 5 locations -
      1. Warm Water Halts
      2. The Canyon
      3. Home of Brown
      4. The Creek
      5. The Blaze
      and then 5 hints
      1. No place for the meek
      2. Heavy loads and water high (one clue/hint)
      3. Look quickly down
      4. Marvel Gaze
      5. The wood