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    The closest thing to hag for a guy is TROLL


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      Since I rarely get my content posted at Dal's, and he seemed to have complained about know-it-alls, people that talk too much on it (and gather as much in Forrest's writings lately) I thought I'd at least tell Dal (essentially) to not filter people for their being proud.
      "Well, it doesnt seem like scrapbooks are advice to the general population, simply because Forrest presents such rare individuals in the stories. Being that this is a treasure hunt, and that it attracts all kinds, I’d hope that the intellectual aren’t shunned. Might be time to start liking the kind of person that can solve the poem. I reckon they’d be mighty proud of such a feat."
      ...because, the way I see it, if you don't like smarts and competition in a contest, who exactly would you listen to?
      leading me to another question: would you rather some stumbler finds it because they Chase more than solve?
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        I Chased just fine and now prefer a solve that leads to the spoils. I mean, we are all somewhere between Einstein and Gump, either figuring it out, or walking around looking for something.


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          Originally posted by WarriorManRB
          I don't understand why anyone would even try to post on Dales site. The layout is archaic and the navigation is crap
          And there is no original thought
          All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
          --Arthur Schopenhauer--


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            I think it is more like discourse missing; the alchemy of long-thought processes missing over there.


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              Someone is a book collector.

              Someone is a troll.

              Someone took Forrest precisely to the treasure.

              Some One.

              It can't be me because I've already said I can't be the Lead Searcher.


              But, even though I can't be the Lead Searcher, Confirmation Bias keeps rearing it's ugly, if not hopeful, head:

              It's going to be a long winter.



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                Originally posted by Countryboy

                “Forrest, I haven’t opened this box in 25 years, but I think I found your book.”

                15 years architecturally designing the poem,
                10 years hidden.
                The book has been found.
                The poem has been solved.

                Nice insight.