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    Originally posted by Boxhound View Post
    All right, Guys and Gals let's keep it clean.
    Says Box Hound?!!


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      Originally posted by Art Haddock View Post

      Says Box Hound?!!
      He must be a mutton for punishment.
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      "If you think it could not have been put there, your probably right. f "


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        Originally posted by kpro View Post
        Hi Haley,

        I am the executive producer of the documentary. There is an associate producer and post production supervisor that is the master of the technology, filming, and editing for the documentary, and a team of photography, camera and interviewers on the team, both searchers and non searchers. Some of the team traveled to Santa Fe last weekend for our first set of interviews, which included searcher meet ups and the team began to film and interview.

        This is truly the first documentary for searchers by searchers. We were able to obtain exclusives with Forrest and Douglas, to show you how serious this is. We will share more shortly as the first trailers are created, but it is a documentary about things beyond the traditional, which is the poem/book and searchers BOTG stories. We are digging deeper and hope to draw both searchers and non searchers into viewing audience through searcher stories that are unique to the chase.

        I have attached one picture, more to come. .

        I like the employee Christmas photo.