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  • I've Done It! TIRED!!!

    Okay guys, this time I think I've finally DONE IT!

    Hear me all:

    WHY is the word TIRED in the poem?

    Like was ff really THAT stinkin' pooped after digging a little ole hole? Uh, I dont think so.
    Or was this word included just cause he DROVE to some place or other? WEAK IMO.
    Remember how he says not to discount ANY WORD in his poem.
    Remember how he says to look for the NOUNS (or as I believe, creative ways to turn other parts of speech INTO nouns)
    I've done it TIRED -- as in, think TIRE (noun -- not adverb)

    At least 8.25 mi. North of Santa Fe. So why THAT precise number?

    Well guess what one thing measures 8.25? Old Timey TIRES!

    They're called 8.25-15's, and they went on them old timey cars like Model-T's, maybe even the Bullet, who knows?!

    What did ff claim he didn't "take off the blaze?" A RADIAL!!!!!

    First, "take off" is peculiar language.
    Well, guess what you "take off" ... that's right, a TIRE!

    And oh, OH ... just guess what a RADIAL is. It's a TIRE! (don't believe me? Look it UP!)

    Why did fenn post that Zebra BOOT pic? Well, cause he CAMOUFLAGED the TC in a TIRE!
    A TIRE is like a Zebra's hoof. Annnnnnd ... guess what has "boots." TIRES! It's how you temporarily patch one.

    What's a BIPRODUCT? TAR!

    What's it awn?



    Or as Firestone says, think BUYPRODUCT!

    Or just think TIREY SCANT!

    Want more?

    Leach's got more ...

    Remember the license plate to Fenn's old car? Guess what THOSE NUMBERS match up with ...
    the Serial Numbers on a TIRE! One of them 8.25's nun-the-less (I think, or one quite similar. I was drunk when I read it)

    What does that BROWN Buffalo pull off Fenn's car? The TIRES! (and the hole front axel too. Them Buffalos aint weak creatures, ya know.)

    Now's where it gets DEEP. Think RABBITHOLE.

    What company do you think linked all their advertising up to YELLOWSTONE?


    And what does Firestone make?

    C'mon, shout it with me ...

    Oh, Oh, OHH! Just look at this one ... what rich man and his sons all served on the Cody Buffalo Bill Museum of the West with Mr. Fenn?

    Them FIRESTONE fellers! Old man Firestone and his boys. And guess what ... they own LAND all thru Galletin Country. I done fount it!

    Hot digety dawg, I nailed this thing!

    But wait, there's more!

    Firestone made advertisements specially for YNP, and guess what ...

    They closely resemble Fenn's poem!

    I've attached pics of them too! They're at a little ole museum in Wyoming. I tracked them down. Leachey gets on it, Leachey gets stuck ON IT!
    Leach like Honey Badger. Leach don't quit.
    Whiskey. I digress ...

    So this little ole red Wyoming museum, which I think that Cynthia woman's been snoopin all round recently (she may have hacked my darn email ...
    no accusations are being brought just yet tho ...)

    Guess what that little WYOMING red museum has?

    Them FIRESTONE Yellowstone ads.

    Did I mention they look just like Fenn's poem?

    They say words like THRILL, Canyon, lots of other ones too I can't even remember them all. They PICTURE ONE PAGE FULL COLOR
    the IMAGES Fenn tells with his WORDS too. Water High, Canyons, Thrills, Tires, Browns, the hole shebang!

    Just look attached down there at bottom. There's TWO of em. Brought to you by Leach. The quicker picker upper. Well, okay not so quick.

    And NOW fenn brings us OREOS? (with a capital O nonetheless??!)

    Take one look at an OREO, and tell me what it don't not look like.
    The thing is a sweet sticky little TIRE!

    and that painting has FIRE, which is to say THE BLAZE!

    I am red hot close to solving this whole thing, and I'm tellin ya, the stinkin KEYWORD is

    *********************************TIRE!!!********** ****************************

    But wait, there's more ...

    Hear me all and listen: GOOD (now a line break. next line says ...)
    YOUR effort (blah blah blah)

    You gotta "LISTEN" (not read) passsst the dang line break to hear it.

    Try it all, only keep on going past the line break when you do this time.
    (like Smarter Every Day, train your brain not to stop at ends, or begin at beginnings.
    can you rewire it? your brain, that is? took me a full 6 months to rewire mine.
    plus I can't tell ya how many bottles of Wild Turkey. Anyway, here's we go ...)

    Here me all and listen GOOD ... / /// YEAR effort (blah stinkedy blah)

    So break it down with me, and we got "GOOD YOUR"
    Don't just read it, SAY IT. Say it three times and you'll hear it ...

    ******************* GOODYEAR ******************************

    You gotta read past the line break and LISTEN GOOD.

    It's all right there in the hearin.

    And who again did them TIRE advertisements for Yellowstone?



    Leach, OUT!

    Whose tired now?!!

    PS: Look for the bright orange? Oh, okay. Cause the ONLY TIME Firestone ever used THAT color was right down below.
    The rest of the time it was yeller! Find the bright orange, find the dang treasure. And guess who done done it?!!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Goodyear 1.PNG Views:	0 Size:	161.0 KB ID:	120512Click image for larger version  Name:	Goodyear 2.PNG Views:	0 Size:	128.8 KB ID:	120513
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    The Model T and radial parts are solid, but I like that gets funny too.
    Questing song: "Knocking at Your Back Door" Deep Purple
    (The Thrill of the Chase)


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      the long ride they changed the tires 50 times and rubber goat, wth was that? Love the idea! I'm looken in every tare! Somethun bout orange too.
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        All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
        --Arthur Schopenhauer--


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          Originally posted by Anna Graham View Post
          The feller thought he could solve it no back story? Not sure what became uh him. Not much more n his name I reckin. Finn set him straight with only one word tho, his name at that. Quite Trite. I felt for the feller.


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            I have had similar thoughts about 'tired' actually meaning the noun TIRE vs the adverb, especially since there are many tire references in TTOTC. I did not think of it in the extent as you did above though. It's a bit of an overkill on the subject IMO, but I do appreciate the way you put different things together about tires


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              So why is it that I must go
              And leave my trove for all to seek ?
              The answers I already know
              I've done it tired and now I'm weak.

              He asks a question, and then he gives an answer . . .
              Q : Why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek ?
              A : I've done it tired and now I'm weak.

              So . . . I'm not following the line of reasoning that says tires are involved in this stanza.
              How do tires explain the reason that he must go and leave his trove ?

              I must go and leave my trove for all to seek because of Firestone and Goodrich tires ???

              Why did he have to hide a treasure because of tires ?
              Why did he have to hide a treasure because he drove a vehicle with tires on it ?
              And, why would he now be weak, because there are tires on his vehicle ?
              Who, anyone anywhere, has ever heard someone describe a trip in a vehicle by saying they'd "done it tired" ?

              "How did you get here, RT ?"
              " I did it tired. "

              I'm not seeing it.
              Contentment is the greatest treasure.
              ~ Lao Tzu


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                And to think your name is ROLL Tide ... maybe this one just hits too close to home 4 ya


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                  Originally posted by A Leach View Post
                  And to think your name is ROLL Tide ... maybe this one just hits too close to home 4 ya
                  Has nothing to do with my username. I'm just trying to understand the reasoning behind it.
                  Because apparently, I'm not seeing it.
                  Contentment is the greatest treasure.
                  ~ Lao Tzu


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                    Also, not trove. He said TROLLS. Heard him say it plain as day. He got real squirmy afterwards if you look real close. He still did even if you don't.

                    It's all alphasybillics. Think Sybil, or prophetress. We KNOW Fenn is into Greek mythology.

                    The WHEEL (aka Tire) plays a big part in their conception of love. The Story Goes that each man and woman is only an incomplete part of a creature they once were, which was a United hole. This creature has four arms and four legs and was round and could go anywhere much like a TIRE.

                    I think finns message to us is how to become complete creatures again.

                    His messages is a story of LOVE.


                    looks a heck of a lot like that thing he has on his back wall behind his sofa, to me at least. Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-10-10-09-08-52.png
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                      He may be as saying he found his other half and THIS is life's real treasure even if marriage does leave most of us tired at the end of the day.

                      Also, take 365 and divide by 8. Then halve that, and Bam, you get 23 finns magic number. Finnanachi time!


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                        Trolls ?
                        The poem clearly says TROVE, no matter what you might have heard.
                        Contentment is the greatest treasure.
                        ~ Lao Tzu


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                          Originally posted by ROLL TIDE View Post
                          Trolls ?
                          The poem clearly says TROVE, no matter what you might have heard.
                          Hear me all and listen good.

                          I may be wrong. Usually am.

                          But the more I simplify, the more this whole thing boils down to Tires.
                          Trolls are just a fun little critter I believe Fenn threw in for a hoot to make the hole thing more like a Wonderland.


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                            Trolls will never cease, due to chase boredom.
                            Questing song: "Knocking at Your Back Door" Deep Purple
                            (The Thrill of the Chase)


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                              You question 8.25 miles: "why THAT precise number"
                              Forrest didn't originally quote 8.25 miles; searchers converted the original number of 66000 links:

                              Richard Saunier's Blog:

                              Forrwst Fenn comment below the article posted April 17, 2012:

                              "Since Richard mentioned the olden days lets harken to 1620 when universal land measures first became law in England and America. As you rode your horse into town you had to pass 80 telephone poles in order to reach a mile because they were 1 chain apart, or 66 feet. And each chain had 100 links, if you wanted to break it down further. Road rights-of-way also were 1 chain wide.
                              And 80 square chains made a square mile, or 640 acres – and that was 1 section of land.

                              But if you’d rather count fence posts you had to pass 320 in order to reach a mile because they were a rod apart, or 16.5 feet. And since everyone knew that an acre was 10 square chains (43,560 square feet) it was easy to tell how many acres were in your neighbor’s farm.

                              Some aspects of those measures are still in use today in the horse racing business because a furlong is 10 chains in length, or 660 feet. You should feel smarter now because that’s so easy.

                              If you want to apply those important figures into the thrill of the chase I will give you an additional clue. The Treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe."

                              100 links = 66 feet; 66000 links equals 43560 feet, which equals 8.25 miles.

                              Searchers tend to get hung up on the .25 miles (why 8.25) when the original quote was in fact a round number based on standard lengths in the original response. Once people started using it, he also begin to use that number in later interviews (like the "Great Big Story" interview released on July 6, 2016") - located 1:35 into the following video:

                              Since this topic was based on tire sizes and 8.25, the origination of that precise number may be helpful to others. People are free to debate whether that was really f who replied on the blog but based on their relationship and his later confirmation of the distance, I believe it was.
                              "Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted." - Hesketh Pearson