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Time for a contest?? Yes!!!

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  • Time for a contest?? Yes!!!

    It has been a while since we have done a contest on THOR, so it is time! For those new to THOR, we have contests on a variety of topics - best anagram of the Poem, best chase related knock knock joke....... well, here is my thoughts on a new one!

    This one will be the best chase related scene / outfit. Get your props ready and snap a picture! Is it you with mildew and a purple sweater? It is your shadow like on the book. Is there a belt buckle in your shot? A fishing rod? You do NOT have to have your face shown, you SHOULD keep it (relatively) clean. Use your imagination!

    Judging: As we usually do, we will take the submissions and pick the top 3-5 or so (typically by asking 4-5 searchers to pick there top favorites who have not submitted an entry). The top submissions emerge by overlap on our judges list and become our semi finalists. Then there will be a poll here on THOR for all registered users to vote. That should get us our top 2. From there I will select the top one or a run off poll, it will depend. Adjustments are made to this depending on the number of submissions, but has worked like this in the past. And it works well!

    The prize will be a Numbered 2019 search coin! Submissions due no later than Monday the 14th at 7pm Pacific time.

    Let me know if you have questions - please do use your imagination!
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    Me on the hunt, or is it?


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      Hey Richard McKeever you stole my costume. Hahaha
      Oh wait or is that Forrest watching his treasure.
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        I would like to submit one for Forrest.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Fenn.JPG
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        A Friends Website


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          “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190925_211035673.jpg
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ID:	120114 From our recent BOTG/WOTG trip. My husband just before heading out to search. Who doesn't look cool in waders with a super groovy Jack Skellington jacket?!! We might have just been the coolest people up in that area (or the only people), haha!!
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              Autumn 2019 collection for the sophisticated armchair searcher & off season searcher alike. Warm fall tones with a Hint of Brown. The Wise choice in fashion this season. Available at your local clothier & haberdasher so you will not have too far to walk.


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                The joy of the journey .....