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    Originally posted by OH!!
    Figure it this way. If it took Forrest 15 years to write the poem and the poem has 166 words, this means it took him approximately 33 days to place one word in the poem. This is approximately 11 words a year which makes his last word he created on the first year, the word "treasure". If it took Forrest this long, how long will it take to solve the poem? Will it take us 33 days to solve one poem word? If there is a man or woman that is in the lead, it will be someone who began as soon as the chase came out, and may not solve it until 2024. This means it would take 1.6 years to solve one clue. Ugg! this is depressing! The solve has to be easier than the planning of the solve, so if we take off a few years, the poem should be solved within the next 3 years. All hypothetical of course. Even my math might be hypothetical!
    I like the statistical distribution approach. It creates an average, but I am strongly leaning on between last summer and next summer it's found.
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      The lead sea ercher is a mythical creature that does not know they're chasing the right or wrong tail/tale until they have a golden smile smelling the sun. Those who worry about the so called "lead searcher's" shadow. Are already lost. In my opinion of course.


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        [QUOTE=HelenKane;n119705]Has it ever occured to anyone else that the mythical lead searcher thing is actually just a hilarious play on words as a joke to us all? For hundreds of years, alchemists thought they could find a way to turn to lead into gold.
        ​​there's a bunch of stuff by rosicrucians meaning of 17 vesica piscis nicolas flamel lead to gold noah's flood alchemical secret marriage of Christ and Magdalene locked in the tower until the divine king vs the red dragon DO NOT TOUCH! the dragon is the riddle 153 saints rise to form new covenant between law and spirit sb 153 square root of 3 infinity
        what if f is trying to teach ls how to make gold, and there have already been finders, like finding a geocache, like i did and then left it on a rock in the parking lot because i just want the bracelet and not all that other stuff.

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