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    I had the funniest day today. My daughter had me come in and talk to her class about treasure hunting. I brought my book and we put together a photo collage of the 5 trips I’ve been on. The class discussed the poem and my interpretation of it. When asked how to get down the canyon I told them I had to sit on my butt and slide. They thought that was so funny. Butt is a funny word.

    I showed them photos of snakes, deer, red hills for miles and stars. I had their full attention for a solid hour. At the very end of the talk a little boy stood up and raised his hand. He asked “what have you found on your treasure hunts?” I couldn’t really put into words everything I’d found and how I felt, so I pulled out a shoebox of chocolate coins instead. They couldn’t believe my good fortune.

    The search season isn’t over yet! Wishing you all good luck and plenty of chocolate coins. Share your stories with others, especially the little ones.

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    That's neat that you thought of a box of chocolate coins. Good planning. For a little extra money, I have been online teaching four girls and two boys from India, English. It will be fun when they understand me enough to ask the girls if they can get any closer than the first two clues.
    I wish I were in an Irish shanty, where water is scarce and whiskey is plenty.
    A three legged stool and a table to match,
    And the hidden door below was where the stash.


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      That’s awesome, as the kids listen with excitement the adults roll their eyes. I love those kids with big dreams.