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    One small pebble hit my leg and I kept it as a souvenir to remind me of why I never saw any generals on the front line.
    If a wise one could clarify what FF means by the statement above. TIA.

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    Generals make “Mountains out of mole hills” or
    Rocks out of pebbles.


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      Maybe he felt like just another brick (or pebble) in the wall... insignificant and in someones shadow.
      But you know he also had a story of shooting a pebble out of an old gun... went clean through the target.
      So one though so small can make a big impact. Just look at a nuclear bomb..

      Some generals were known to lead from the front. Are those days over? Fenn said that Olds would sometimes sign in as a lower rank, just to join his men...
      Miles up in the air he flew, He just murmured, Toodle-oo!


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        Originally posted by ROLL TIDE
        Small pebble
        little rock
        " The name is derived from La Petite Roche (the "little rock" in French), a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River that served as a navigational landmark by early river travelers. "
        RT, I agree.

        A pebble is a LITTLE ROCK.
        Little Rock = ARKANSAS.
        But not the city, the RIVER.
        You can't think GENERAL, but rather SPECIFIC.
        a LINE is drawn with CHALK.
        Hence, the SPECIFIC spot on the ARKANSAS river is where ...
        CHALK CREEK intersects. THAT is SPECIFIC.
        So THAT is your WWWH.
        what's down from there?
        A CANYON.
        I can take you down all 9 clues from there,
        and then there's a GAZE back to CHALK CLIFFS
        (where Chalk Creek STARTS)
        Remember, warm waters HALT where they end AND where they begin.
        So you begin where they end, and you end where they begin.
        It's like that pic of the serpent swallowing his own tale.
        Full circle. Another way of symbolizing this?
        TWO OMEGAS
        Calaphon to Calaphon
        Don't never cook on Caphalon.
        I had a ant who died from Lead Poisoning.
        The head-waters of the Arkansas River BEGIN that river up in ...
        LEADVILLE. It's all connected.
        But not to my ant. That was just a horrible accident. Happens sometimes.
        Headwaters are another example of things having two endings.
        One where they end, one where they begin.
        It's like that song lyric -- where you end, yeah it usually begins on where you start.
        Ever hear of a LEAD bullet? I know fenn has.
        When I drive up the highway, my EX-wife used to say I had a LEAD foot.
        I may not be the LEAD dog, but I plan to change that view.
        Second spot TAINT what I'm looking to see my hole doggone life. Ya dig?
        So when I tarry scant, near an old MINE (not lead tho) and I look BACK at the CHALK CLIFFS
        where the CHALK CREEK begins
        I am using SMARTER EVERY DAY
        to ride my bike backwards
        Ride it back to the right spot, just up on the left
        and what you're left with is the RIGHT spot. Still on the left tho.
        Fenn is a master of opposites.
        Reminds me of that Enigma song.
        Learn to ride a bike backwards to the hidey spot
        and what do you do?
        You throw it in that water high just like he said
        I have a view to a blaze.
        What is them CHALK CLIFFS on?
        What is PRINCETON?
        An institution of HIGHER learning.
        You might say WISE.
        What color is them chalk cliffs?
        What's a white marking on a mountain?
        A BLAZE!
        So we have a WHITE BLAZE!
        But wait, there's more ....
        look like tongues of FIRE shooting upwards into the side of the Mtn.
        What's fire? A BLAZE!
        Two endings. Think backwards, move forwards. Retrospectively progress
        back where you came from and kno that place A NEW for the first time.
        That's all you gotta do.
        But you gotta TRIANGULATE it tho.
        Just like pg 99 tells you to do.
        That's where I got stuck with that one.
        Sure is a pretty view tho.
        99% of the way there don't cut the poupon.
        99% ain't even worth poopin on. (sorry, had to!)
        Fenn's Chase is a Zero Sum Game.
        To win the cheese, you gotta go all in, full tilt,
        high to low, back to forward, start where you finish,
        and Fennish where you start, at least with a gaze.
        Triangulation is the key.
        A general leading from the front is typical.
        Generals who lead from behind ride their bikes backwards.
        And that's all Fenn is asking us to do.
        BECOME the "Specific General"
        ALCHEMIZE lead to Gold
        Go into a TRANCE and FIGURE a way to turn LEAD to GOLD
        and you'll TRANSFIGURE it all ...
        A solve I posted that other's pooped on, I plan to transfigure into POUPON
        What color is POUPON? I think you know. It's GOLD.
        Now whose _____ in high cotton?!!
        And they thought I couldn't cut the mustard ...
        That song GOLD by Kiara is the one I'm gonna be playin on my blue tooth when I get the chest
        and take my piece of GOLD.

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