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    Originally posted by Cold_Well View Post

    WWW. (period = full stop = halt), so where the World Wide Web halts? This seems to support the idea that being outside > researching the internet for a correct solve. So begin it where your internet halts!
    Forrest refuted the www. (World Wide Web) idea many years ago. Can provide the 2nd-hand proof (for what that's worth) but it does ring true. The reply was similar to: "I'm a simple man, and WWW never entered into my mind."


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      Originally posted by Moody Chameleon View Post

      Your pictures look similar to the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, but can you tell me what it is? I admit that I know nothing of what you are trying to say and I am somewhat interested in learning.

      From what I can loosely gather, mem could mean 'water' and tav could mean 'mark'. Am I close?
      Thank you.
      Seems like you have some basic understanding !
      They are Ancient Hebrew Pictographs reengineered into the Flower Of Life Graph which is also a basket weave.
      Every pictograph have 6 basic ways of interpreting which would be understood based on the context of the usage of them.
      Dictate, Suggested, Appearance and equal opposites of each of the three. It is a hugely expansive language.

      I used Tav as Begin as in the enter into an agreement such as making the mark for a covenant like way back when.

      Tsade is a trail map that can easily be understood as direction or Where.

      Mem is water but also organization, chaos or waves and much more.

      You might want to follow

      For more info as I make it available. There is also contact pages there for correspondence about specific details.


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        Originally posted by wwwamericana View Post

        LOL - when you mentioned "Samech" - I immediately thot of a pimento cheese samech.
        Yes, don't forget to bring your Samech ! LOL


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          Originally posted by Castellaw1685 View Post
          ...I like the mem one.
          Reminds me of Charlie Brown,
          or this coat of arms~
          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20190909-233937_Google.jpg Views:	225 Size:	247.9 KB ID:	115955
          Yes, That Charlie Brown he's a clown ! Did I just give something away ? Where did Charlie live ?

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