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    Originally posted by wwwamericana View Post

    WHEW - this just blew me away.
    Did you think that up or did it just come to you?
    Gonna read this again S..L..O..W..L..Y and try to digest it.
    You definitely got it right tho - if you walk in Faith - you gonna find yourself some treasure.
    I was noodling on how to git up a crik without a paddle and it more oarless just came to me.
    I once tried to walk straight up Faith Hill, but found that for me, it was just too far too walk.
    Now I stick to a more level playing field, hence the wheat fields.
    I try not to walk so far I chaf my thighs, but that sort of thing just happens in summer sometimes.
    They say you reapeat what you sew, so I sewed some extra cotton to my drawers cause i figure if I gotta do it twice I might as well do it right!
    When friends compliment my home brew, I always say I barley made it.
    I know I'm gonna find Fenn's gold if I keep the faith AND stick to barley.
    They say oatmea'll stick to your guts, so I always eat that before a barley walk. Steel cut's my favorite.
    I tried to message Faith Barley on Twitter, but I don't have no account. Don't even get me started.
    Trading in that ball of string for some chocolate covered MALT balls.


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      I’d say that’s part of any treasure hunt, so yeah.

      I also think he means it when he says you only need TTOTC (aside from a good map).

      On top of that, I believe he means truly subtle when he says 'subtle clues', which we now call hints in TTOTC. So he’s put in some not-at-all-subtle things to throw people... e.g. Touch me KNOT (mountain) and Soda (Butte), Ojo Caliente, Lots of named places eg Yellowstone, Hebgen Lake.

      We’re looking for subtle and hints to solve clues, which then need to be used to match to a map location.

      First we need to learn where warm waters halt..
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