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Take the chest and go in peace. His blaze

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  • Take the chest and go in peace. His blaze

    Contacting Fenn didn't sound peaceful, so for now I will pass.

    What's really nifty is that blaze is just under 1/2 mile from a paved road but 100% invisible to the road. Also the image of fenns face is about 8 feet wide. If you look quickly down from his face and look about 10 feet to the right, you will see a rock facing upward with a U turn on it, pointing to the nook with the Woody plant above it, brave and in the wood.

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    my moms name is rosemary.


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      Here is a image of water high. Clearly spells Hi and is higher in elevation than the blaze
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        Take the chest and go in peace is maybe one touches their chest and lets the departed go.


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          Well done. ....A+ on the imagination part.


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            That's a great photo of earth's natural face imagery. There's at least 30 more in that photo.


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              This is wrong but I still like it. A different way to read and view the sentence. Chest & peace being ereas.
              This pic is just a example. To the possibility that there are 3 more goegraphic clues after the Blaze. Please hold your applause for the art work.....
              JUST take the chest- looking at the full map imaginitivly as a man looking down on the poem. The "middle" is the mans chest. And then - go in peace. Enter the erea that looks like a peace symbol. The center of Wind Rivers & Wyomings.
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