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Flip The Script: Episode #2 - What’s The Box We Need To Get Back In?

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  • Flip The Script: Episode #2 - What’s The Box We Need To Get Back In?

    I have some opinions on what Mr. Fenn meant when he wanted us to get back in the box that I would like to share.

    Join Sean Dodson and me tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9th at 7:00 PM MST on Flip The Script: Episode #2 What Is The Box We Need To Get Back In?

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    Thanks for the head’s up. I will try to be there for that.


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      I just really want to thank Sean for letting me come on his show and let me give my opinions knowing going in that we disagree on some things, but both are willing to hear the other’s perspective and see if we can be persuaded by that person’s argument or not.

      After watching it back, overall, I’m happy with how it turned out and believe both of us conveyed what we were trying to say. Obviously, there are parts I cringe at what I say, wish I would have said something more concise, or see exactly right where whenmy mind starts moving so fast that my mouth has a hard time keeping up which is somewhat embarrassing, but I’m still happy I did it.

      All the best everybody and someone find this chest already!

      mm (Justin)