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The 9 clues including 3 hints <--- In My Opinion. :)

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  • The 9 clues including 3 hints <--- In My Opinion. :)

    I've seen some posts regarding the 9 clues but not many explanations regarding why. I will include 3 obvious hints regarding the first 3 clues and why I believe it marries the poem from my solve.

    In my opinion, the 9 clues in the thrill of the chase poem are;

    1 begin it wwwh - Hint; hot water.
    2 take it in the canyon down - Hint; drive further than you have to walk to Mr. Fenn's special spot.
    3 put in below the home of brown - Hint; walking behind your lead searcher, you don't see the "home of brown" as you "put in"?
    4 from there it's no place for the meek -
    5 the end if ever drawing nigh -
    6 there will be no paddle up your creek -
    7 look quickly down - Hint; BOTG is a must
    8 if you are brave - Hint; BOTG is a must
    9 and in the wood - Hint; BOTG is a must

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    Are you able to discern between when FF is just chatting and when he is actively pushing hints about his spot?
    Check this video, and then look at this rock formation I found along my solve route: (This youtube video isn't linking to the correct time progression I'm referring to which is at exactly 22 minutes. Just forward the video to 22:00 minutes to see my reference.)

    I searched for about an hour on my 4th or 5th trip for this beast. In my mind was burning this notion; "find the crocodile". You have to be standing in just the right spot to see it and only the proper perspective allows one to appreciate the view. (if you want to see the rest of its body which represent some of the other lines in that poem, you're going to need to do a little hiking.)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	croc1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	302.4 KB ID:	109896

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      Why is FF holding his left hand up like that?


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        The crocodile is close to the blaze? How close?
        : 300 meters or so
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          Rescue Creek Trail is open, but they say:
          Be careful of marshy area about 2 miles to the to the west of the junction with Blacktail Deer Creek along Rescue Creek.

          They freshly paved the pull out recently and was closed for several days.
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