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    Originally posted by Fogel View Post

    I disagree with a few things. 1. he knows where the five Spanish trunks are. IMO he knows at least one on a detailed level. 2. I doubt that he would even elude to a secret that must remain that way. 3 Narcissists boast about friends in high places; those who are in that circle don't brag but function there. 4. you don't have the 'intel' as to whether someone is walking with confidence because that would not have been released though there is no need to run but a need to learn. Education is a journey and involves study and exploration, it is never a stroll in the park. What I'd like to consider is why - if this is an education - do so many believe only one single person/student can earn the prize at the end? Hence, the no rush to the end. Hear me all . . . Since when does any university graduate one student when many can complete the requirements? Something to seriously think about. IMO
    I'll answer your thoughts.
    1. That would be interesting to read about hidden history.
    2. Not all secrets should be kept secret. You state "must remain that way". According to "who" perpetrators ?
    3. Supplanters don't brag about being secreted in high places either and many are sociopathic.
    4. The education required for the solving is one of self education. The stuff needed to solve the poem is not being taught at university yet. Though I would consider a position at Harvard to do so. I'm not even sure Forrest knows what he has used, but I do believe Everard Jean Hinrichs did.


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      The thread mentioned a university type education and thus the response was in that line.

      I'm not impressed by Harvard.

      As I said not all secrets - you didn't not understand.

      Self-education? or self-preservation or self-survival?

      Should be important given people died learning self-education.


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        Originally posted by Sunburnt1 View Post
        Nobody can prove they know anything until they have the chest. Many are confident. But few are on the right path. You don't need to know why the poem was written to maybe get lucky. But if you can figure out the controversial subject forrest wanted to expose. It could lead you to his " answer i already know". Forrest was so diversed in so many things. Which makes his "where" so hard to figure out what he wanted us to know. But here a few.
        1-Archeolgy find. Maybe he found one of the spanish chests he had the 5 keys for from his plueblo. Probably not. But He's already uncovered history changing artifacts. So my moneys on aomething historical. Maybe shun a few educated experts for fun.
        2- Governmental/ military power cover up or conspiracy. There's a couple spots in the Rocky Mountains purposely blocked out on Google earth.?? The Land seizures in east New Mexico.? Forrest was on the historical committee trying to stop it the eminute domain that happened. . He was friends with very many high power political people. Maybe one let him in on a secret. Then you always got the big companys raping the enviroment.
        3- The one thing nobodys thought of yet? The word that is key? He told us 2 of the clues. WWWH and the blaze. He's given us 100's of hints. Yet the processes of elimination have not gone far enough for someone to go with confidence. . If you're fearful someone will get there before you. They probably won't. So no need to run. Slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the walk.
        4 - Honoring the past.? I'll give you my wrong but interesting solve on that next week. I hoped i can handle what i think Forrest achieved. . I still believe it's a lot more then just a stroll in the park. But who knows. Maybe it's just a pleasurable bike ride to the high waters.
        In my opinion, the bicycle thing is a total rabbit hole / red herring. People go along with that at their own risk.


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          Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post

          In my opinion, the bicycle thing is a total rabbit hole / red herring. People go along with that at their own risk.
          I think it's like all those extraneous comments from FF. There may be a way of looking at them that will make sense once we're clear in our own minds about the poem, but if we spend our time trying to reconcile the hundreds, if not thousands, of extra pieces of information before we know where we're going, we're simply asking for trouble (mainly in the form of utter confusion). BUT, and it's a big one, that confusion may be part of the plan. By overloading our CPU and memory banks, FF may be expecting something new to emerge. If the brain can't handle the processing requirements, it either goes on strike and we fall exhausted by the wayside, or it tries to find an alternative route to what it knows is out there.

          That's probably not very well explained, but I know that, for me, the exhaustion of endless mental digging resulted in my mind eventually shutting me out of the process in rebellion while it opened the emergency escape hatch. Only when clear light could be seen again could I rejoin the endeavor.

          But getting back to the thrust of this thread, I'm postulating that you are unlikely to be commencing your journey at the "ultimate" WWWH, but that you need to find a simulacrum of it and work on the methodology that's hidden in the poem. It's a practice makes perfect approach. And given that "As I" opens the poem, it's probably not a bad idea to use that as your geographical opening gambit.


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            There is a picture of the chest at that ultimate WWWH in TTOTC. The ultimate one - that is not the one to begin it . . . It is the one prior that makes the to begin it one possible to consider.


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              Where I went to school, they taught me the axiom: "All bleeding eventually stops" So far in my career, I have always found this to be true.