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  • Coinaster's Most Perfect Solve

    As I have gone in there alone and with my treasure solve.... I have failed to find the treasure chest... As many of you know, I often state that "I AM THE LEAD HUNTER" So this is it.... I need your help... In so doing I am willing to post my fabulous solve for all to seek... You all are being made my search partners by my disclosure publicly of my solve.... Anyone is free to use the solve as they wish. except I retain copyright status so don't reprint an of it without my permission! I will provide photos etc, screen shots and verbiage from Word docs that I have saved in files that predate this posting.... I love this chase but I have become a distant guarded individual with no scruples. Thor patrons like 1keyword, trailblazer1, Roll Tide, and many others dislike me... I have become someone that I am not.... That changes.... It changes now! What I ask for in return is that if you find the treasure, you will acknowledge this to me and provide me evidence of the find and you can remain anonymous (guess what.... the loonies come after me and not you!) and I expect you to share your spoils with me... I don't expect you to share anything more than you are willing to share and just ask that you have a reasonable and thought out plan. My suggestion is give until it hurts.... What is that point? Well, it is certainly not $1 in exchange for my gift... But it is your discretion.... I am willing to answer any and all questions and give my insight and knowledge into the location of this solve... I will help you on this forum only... Don't private message me.... I first want to complete the disclosure which will not happen overnight so be patient....

    Why am I doing this? I am a 61 year old male that has not been in the chase for a long period of time (less than a year).... But, I have had rheumatoid arthritis for more than half of my life where my right knee has been replaced and both ankles are dysfunctional and lately, I am not responding well to biologic meds.... I have had 2 heart attacks and I am an diabetic with neuropathy in my feet and hands. I cannot go to difficult places as it is a painful journey just to search a single day... I pay for it the next day and sometimes weeks later... That is the definition of insanity.... While that may be true.... we were all 3/4 insane to start searching for this in the first place.... I am full bore. Also, I am probably like you.... I did not intend to become a Fenn Solve Addict.... It just happened....... HELP ME!

    The truth.... Fenn's solve and story needs to be made public while he is living.... What this man has done is truly amazing... It needs disclosure in his lifetime so that those who love him and know him can appreciate the man and what he has done in his lifetime and not after he passes.... He is a family man and loving spouse first, who has love of the Indian culture, that appreciates all the riches that his life has brought... His is a work of magic, a work of art, an awesome drawing of his life and I am in total awe as to the depth that his solve goes.... It is a phenom... Just wait! You'll see.... I have trouble sleeping at night because of my knowledge and insight into the world of Fenn... You will too! The solve is simple yet complicated so it will take some time to thoroughly present... I am just now finding free time to post this challenging effort... So be patient with me... After posting this beginning, I will reserve the next 15 responses to the post so that I can complete everything at the top or near the beginning of the top of this thread.... So refer back often to my updates... As I have said... It will take time to finish but all of you will truly be amazed when it is done... You will have a much greater appreciation for the man that is Forrest Fenn!

    Enough said... It just got serious!
    Have fun finding the treasure........

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    As I begin showing you the solve I have chosen to start in the middle of my discovery but these are the most important guideline and instructions for completing the solve.... First is the Decipher which shows where to begin, how to solve the poem and how it will end! It is similar but more extensive than the one Cowlazers presented on his YouTube channel. I first saw one the was presented in a Mysterious Writings blog from FennCrypt in 2017 who claims a copyright.... Mine is quite different. I slide the 1st 8 lines from side to side, left and right and have found that the poem indicates the beginning and main location for the solve. The warm waters are found at the warm eye, and because it forms a cactus flower we know that this can only be Ojo Caliente New Mexico. In fact there are 3 warm eyes and 1 warm waters highlighted in cactus green. If you use Indian symbolism and art to interpret these lines you begin to understand that his is more than just a treasure hunt... It is a tribute to the loves of his life and courtship. I say loves because he had love for his wife and a great respect and love of the American Indian.

    The middle section of the poem defines how to solve the poem. Rearranging the lines in the middle by sliding them left or right. Using treasure as the key alignment vertically 4 crosses are formed. The wheel, treasure chest, treasure trove, and the double end cross. According to Indian symbolism crosses represent paths that cross and this shows us that there are 4 paths that cross. I interpret this to mean that the solve will have 4 lines drawn that cross and in the end a wheel must be formed from these crossing paths... Indian symbolism shows us that the wheel is a lodge or Hogan and defines this a a permanent home or the final resting place for Forrest Fenn's ashes

    Once that task is accomplished, in order to find he treasure trove means you have to follow instructions highlighted in blue to the right of Treasure Trove.Click image for larger version  Name:	The Decipher.PNG Views:	1 Size:	63.6 KB ID:	102703
    Below are Indian Symbols and their meanings that are used in Indian art.... 4 symbols and their meanings are important to this solve..... They are "Medicine Man's Eye" meaning Wise.... "Cactus Flower" representing courtship..... "Cross" representing paths crossing.... and "Lodge" also known as a "Hogan" which depicts a permanent home....
    Click image for larger versionName:	Indian Symbols.jpgViews:	1Size:	226.3 KBID:	102701

    The Anagram
    Begin it where warm waters halt where warmth I Began west trail
    And take it in the canyon down, And i hike down, at canyon tent
    Not far, but too far to walk. at foot of a rut. Talk of brown
    Put in below the home of Brown. I went home of the Brown Pueblo.
    From there it's no place for the meek, seek From ‘ther not here, to omit place f
    Anagram explained
    A synonym of tent is Hogan or Lodge which is of the Indian symbol which ties to “the wheel" decipher above. "ther" is an old English
    spelling of ether, which we know as a clear liquid chemical that has nice smell that will knock you on your butt and is also soothing to
    cold sores. It also means the sky! ff has instructed us to use google earth to solve the hunt and here in the poem he tells us to seek from
    the sky! It is against the law to take from an Indian Pueblo so don't look there Instead, there is a rut at the foot of the Brown Pueblo
    which is the focal or central point for this tent Since the anagram talks of a west trail, I have included the Ojo Caliente Spa medicine
    wheel for your consideration. I feel that Forrest also frequented this spa as he was fighting cancer and the wheel is Important.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Ojo Caliente Medicine Wheel.PNG Views:	163 Size:	257.9 KB ID:	103092

    My solve is not complicated.... I interpret the clues and marry them to a map.... I cross lines using those map points where magically all lines cross at the same point. That is the central focal point used to draw circles creating a wheel and then I have located the logical place by analysis of other clues and hints also BOTG experience.... Isn't that what we are trying to do?
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      ff has told us that the first clue in the poem is “Begin it where warm water halt.” He has also stated that people do not spend enough time on this clue and without the correct answer, you have nothing. But as seen in the Decipher, warm water is a warm eye and there are 3 warm eyes and one other warm water. Warm{hot) eye translated into Spanish is ojo caliente. A simple Google search gives us numerous results. First, there is a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park name Ojo Caliente. It is located on the north bank of Firehole river. This is interesting because many searchers believe that where Firehole River joins with and empties into Madison River is WWWH. Great logic, ie… multiple hot springs feeding Firehole and ending in the cold waters of Madison River. This logic is wrong for 2 reasons 1. You cannot go get the treasure anytime of the year because this area and its roads are closed for 4 winter months, 2. Firehole does not follow the logic of the Decipher and it certainly is not in cactus country.
      The second location that a Google search give us of ojo caliente is Ojo Caliente New Mexico. There is a town, river, a spa and many locations that share the name. The river stood out to me initially and it fits with most of the poem, the other clues, and hints from the book, and it is in cactus country as shown in the Decipher. It also forms the canyon down. Follow this: WWWH is where warm water pools, freezes, or is named something else.

      WWWH End
      This river is named Rio Ojo Caliente and is in an area by the same name. Following the Rio Ojo Caliente river down the canyon will bring you to the end of the river in Chili, NM where it joins with the Rio Chama. At that point Warm Eye river ceases to exist and takes on a different name. This was my first WWWH and my solve ended in a casino parking lot. Well, obviously I abandoned that solve. ff advises us that when we don’t find the treasure, go back to WWWH and start over. I did this, but as I will show you later this confluence of rivers becomes an important map point.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	End pic.PNG Views:	0 Size:	1.02 MB ID:	102883 WWWH End in Chili NM

      WWWH Begin
      Failure makes you change your logic and I was forced to think about it for a while. A river has 2 ends, a beginning and an ending, like a piece of string or a pencil or a whole dang ball of string. The beginning is also an end. Rio Ojo Caliente begins at the confluence of Rio Vallecitos and Rio Tusas. The location where this takes place is in the town of La Madera, New Mexico. Ironically, La Madera translates in English as the wood. Could this be “In the wood”. And the canyon along the river is first known as Canon De La Madera and then below is Canoncito (little canyon) de La Madera. This location has many possibilities… There are several small lakes, the river, abandoned Pueblos, and awesome land features the blew my mind when I first saw them.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Begin Pic.PNG Views:	318 Size:	965.1 KB ID:	102886 WWWH Begin in La Madera NM

      One location in this area is Cliff River Springs. This place is an oasis and has everything poem related in one place. A higher ground mineral spring that feeds 2 ponds, close proximity to Rio Ojo Caliente, 7 casitas, hiking trails. Definitely a place of love and courtship as per the Decipher. I have never seriously tried to use it as a solve because I had what I considered to be better. But, this could be a major error on my part because this single location has it all! Absolutely a must go place for the young lover! I’m 61 and it gives me goose bumps. Heck heavy loads could be the bridge over the dry creek near power lines. But alas, I don’t think so…. Too much confirmation bias here! I want confirmation…

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Cliff River Springs.PNG Views:	0 Size:	904.6 KB ID:	102748 Cliff River Springs

      WWWH Main
      Down from Cliff River Springs following the roads NM111 to NM285 south you run into the town of Ojo Caliente. In the town of Ojo Caliente are mineral springs that Ojo Caliente Spa now owns and utilizes which are incredible and have a rich history. A history that ties to native Mewa Indians, their Jesus, their home, and so much more. There are 5 separate hot springs at this location one which is just a trickle but 4 with good flow and are described in archaeological writings of the are as having temperatures 33 degrees above blood heat or about 130 degrees F. The link below shows 90 to 122 degrees. One of the springs contains a high level of copper in the water which coats the surrounding rocks in an oxidized emerald green color creating a green eye visual effect associated with that pool. The river, this town. and the spa are named for this warm water eye. Ojo Caliente!

      Pueblo Indian lore is strong with the warm water eye and an adjacent Pueblo known as the Posi-Ouinge Pueblo which is located above and to the south of these springs. But the most important aspect of the springs is the culture hero of the pueblo Indians who was born at these springs. He is known as Poseyemu to the Mewa, Piankettacholla to the Taos, Boshayanyi to the Keresan, and Poshayanki to the Zuni and he is their leader, folk hero, spiritual guide and equivalent to Jesus Christ. As their leader he is said to have won in contests with Jesus where he was better at eating squash, felling trees and growing corn. He is also an equal to Montezuma the Mexican Spiritual Leader. Poseyemu visits these waters once a year to visit his grandmother who still lives in the waters.

      The spa itself is a romantic getaway and has accommodations, private pools, kivas and fireplaces, mud wraps, massage therapy in addition to its regular soaking and therapeutic pools. This certainly fits with the courtship interpretation of the cypher symbolism. One of its spiritual healing Is the arsenic (AS) pool.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Ojo Caliente Sign.jpg Views:	0 Size:	145.3 KB ID:	102750 The Spa - Please Note that the Spa uses their form of the Medicine Man's Eye which means Wise or Watchful.... I have been wise and I have found the blaze! Let me show you!

      WWWH Hidden
      More WWWH’s? Yikes! This one is so important, but hidden, that it has several mentions in The Thrill Of The Chase. And since it is hidden it is probably overlooked by most who search this area. You can only find it on Topo maps and on Google Maps (not Earth), otherwise it doesn’t exist. It is an aberration around the edge! Near the border (Border Books) between Taos County and Rio Arriba County. It is in the Pueblo ruins on the southern end across a dry creek bed west of a Kiva. Look at the Google Map picture below.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	WWWH Hidden Spring.PNG Views:	0 Size:	787.4 KB ID:	102751

      WWWH Cold
      I won’t go in depth, but this is where all water halts… It is 32 degrees…. I’ll show you later.
      WWWH Manby
      OH Jeez! Really? Yes, the word is “WATERS”. If you haven’t nailed WWWH down, you have nothing. Water is 94 degrees in 2 small pools near Taos in the Rio Grande Gorge by the banks of the river.
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        The 2nd most important Clue is "And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk." Nobody gets this clue! As you travel down the Ojo Caliente You walk or take a vehicle or fly... There is not enough water in the river most of the time for a boat. Therefore this clue can only be using the roadway.... Traveling on NM 111 or NM 285 there is only one place that you can take it in or turn in and that is into the Ojo Caliente Spa access road NM 411. This is the point on a map... It is take it in... But it is also the second most important clue... Some points have no absolute map location. Take it in or enter or the entrance resolves all conflicts in the solution..... If it is a Pueblo ruin..... the map location is the entrance to that ruin. and in all cases it is the center of that entrance. Every unresolved point in the canyon down is corrected by applying this clue!
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          "Put in below the Home of Brown."This obviously is the abandoned Pueblo Posi-Ouinge otherwise known as the Greenness Pueblo because of it's history with the Green Eye Hot Spring... See the artist rendition from the BLM pamphlet of the pueblo and notice it's name!

          Click image for larger version  Name:	BLM Posi.PNG Views:	0 Size:	867.2 KB ID:	102820
          Fenn made a reference to this name on Oct 23, 2013 when promoting the release of his second book "Too Far To Walk." He hints at this name so please notice him at the 16:50 mark in the video attached below:

          One of the ruts between the Pueblo and the river is the center-post of the Hogan

          This Pueblo is rich with tradition and is the know home of the Mewa Indians... It was abandoned in the 1500's due to sickness and disease but, it is still considered to be home to the Indians today. I have presented 2 Excerpts from Anthropologists about this Pueblo... The second one lists all 3 pueblos in the Ojo Caliente area.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Indian Geographical Names.PNG Views:	0 Size:	397.2 KB ID:	102821

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Tewa Tribal Info -1926 N American Indian Volume 17.PNG Views:	0 Size:	131.2 KB ID:	102823
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            "From there it's no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh"

            The Ever Drawings Nigh - With Blazes

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Pistol.PNG Views:	31 Size:	843.7 KB ID:	102762 The Pistol
            This is actually the Hopovi-Ouinge abandoned Pueblo on the north end of the Ojo Caliente area! It is a blaze too!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Wampum Smoke.PNG Views:	31 Size:	808.7 KB ID:	102763 Big Wampum make Smoke Signal
            This is located just south on the west side of the river from the Pistol. The Blazes for this are the band across the Indians forehead, the fire, and the fireball above the fire, 3 blazes on one ever Drawing! Oh ya.... It is getting serious...

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Bunny Rabbit.PNG Views:	31 Size:	823.2 KB ID:	102764 The Bunny Rabbit
            Down the canyon again to the west side of the river well below the Pueblo is this full torso Bunny Rabbit. "There will be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high" This sandy creek bed which is surrounded by large quantities of cactus... The blaze up this forehead was so impressive that I emailed Forrest in Fenn speak and his response is as follows:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Fenn Email.PNG Views:	33 Size:	40.6 KB ID:	102765 Yes I removed my name and contact Info
            And wouldn't you know it, right below the bunny rabbits face and eye is a tennis shoe:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Tennis Shoe.PNG Views:	31 Size:	845.7 KB ID:	102766 Mothers Tennis Shoe

            5 Images is max per post so up next are more ever drawings
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              The Ever Drawings Nigh - Not Blazes

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Grizzly.PNG Views:	1 Size:	664.3 KB ID:	102775 The Brown Grizzly and Wheel
              In 2013 Fenn had a riddle about a man walking south from his home for a mile, he stops makes a 90 degree turn left and walks a curved path for a mile.. He then shoots a bear and makes a 90 degree turn and walks a mile back home.... What color was the bear? Duh... It was Brown. This Hogan / Bear is north west of the Spa.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Peace Pipe.PNG Views:	1 Size:	860.2 KB ID:	102776 The Peace Pipe
              "Go in peace" and "be brave"

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Saddle.PNG Views:	1 Size:	866.6 KB ID:	102777 The Saddle (Bad Pic Ill try to replace)
              The Horn is shared by the Peace Pipe
              Click image for larger version  Name:	Mewa Woman.PNG Views:	1 Size:	870.8 KB ID:	102778 The Mewa Woman
              South of the smoke signal Blaze but north of the spa is the Mewa Woman, Face and back of her head are formed by dry creek beds

              AND NOW
              Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my pleasure to introduce you to FORREST FENN

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Forrest Fenn.PNG Views:	1 Size:	868.0 KB ID:	102779 Forrest Fenn Head and Upper Torso
              Gives new meaning to "flying into the teeth of the Rocky'"s, doesn't it!.... "So hear me all and listen good"
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                "If you have been wise"

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Wise.jpg
Views:	3127
Size:	249.6 KB
ID:	102825 Entrance to Ojo Caliente Spa
                The Indian Symbol for The Medicine Man's Eye is on display and means "Wise"

                "and have found the blaze" (I have 3 in my ever drawings)

                "Look Quickly down"

                They are in the ever drawings already presented..... Let's start with the Smoke Signal Blaze... Directly below that blaze as you follow the canyon down is the Mewa Woman.... Her eye is the look that is quickly down! Does anyone question warm eyes?

                Next is the Bunny Rabbit..... His/Her eye is the 2nd look that is quickly down..... AND the quick turn in the river on Fenn's tennis shoe is the quickly that you find when you look down.

                ALL OF THESE ARE MAP POINTS see this bunny:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Bunny Look Quickly Down.png
Views:	3093
Size:	821.8 KB
ID:	102826
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                  "your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze"
                  Tarry is actually consisting of Tar. Scants are long straight cuts in rock down to bedrock. It is a mining term as well as a construction term... Structural buildings must consider the scants which are missing from planed wood... You see a 2 by 4 that was rough cut is planed down 1/8 to 1/4 on each side. These are known as scants!
                  The combination of these 2 terms is describing an asphalt roadway and it must be associated with a marvel gaze! As you travel north on NM 285 you cannot help but notice Our Lady De Guadalupe painted on the side of Oliver's store upon arrival in the Ojo Caliente area... It is right on the road.. Notice the cross on the ground centered and below this mural.... That is your map point!

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Marvel Gaze.jpg Views:	24 Size:	133.3 KB ID:	102846Oliver's Marvel Gaze

                  This mural has been vandalized 2 times in the past couple of years. Someone destroyed it by painting black all over it trying to obliterate this awesome display. Who would do such a thing? The towns people merely come together and repaint it when this happens. The most recent of this vandalism was reported in the Albuquerque Journal

                  There is a 2nd area that contains a similar Marvel Gaze. It is 8.5 miles as the crow flies from the Ojo in El Rito NM.... It becomes a point on the map but I will cover how later....

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	El Rito Gaze.jpg Views:	318 Size:	242.6 KB ID:	102888 El Rito Marvel Gazes
                  Nuestra Senora in the right picture has recently been ablaze.... The trees in back and to the right have been badly charred and the foliage and beautiful flowers surrounding her were turned to black soot and ashes... I suspect vandalism here too... but I don't know that for sure. Is someone trying to hide these things from other searchers.... Good luck with that now!
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                    Time to start drawing crossing path lines in keeping with the instructions found in the decipher and anagram. We need 4 crossing lines or paths!

                    The points married to a map are:
                    WWWH Begin
                    WWWH End
                    WWWH Main
                    WWWH Hidden
                    WWWH Manby
                    Mewa Eye
                    Bunny Rabbit Eye
                    Tennis Shoe Quick Turn
                    Take It In
                    Marvel Gaze
                    Home of Brown Pueblo

                    The first line is Home of Brown to Marvel Gaze. I use map points Entrance of HOB, Center of MG. Those points and the resulting line are all 3 in this combo pic:

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Line HOB to MG.png Views:	17 Size:	837.2 KB ID:	102869
                    The next line that we draw is from WWWH Hidden to Take It In. That line plus the 2 end points are in the combo pic below:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Take It In to Hidden Line.png Views:	0 Size:	867.8 KB ID:	102915
                    The 3rd line is WWWH Main to Bunny Look and again the line and end points are included in the Combo Pic below:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	WWWH Main to Bunny Look Line.png Views:	2 Size:	856.5 KB ID:	102929
                    I have just shown you how paths or lines are drawn using this solution to the Fenn Poem..... Let's check it out... The Pic below shows where these lines cross
                    How did we do?
                    The fact of the matter is that they cross each other in exactly the same spot. They cross in a rut below the Brown Pueblo just like the decipher and anagram describe... See pic below:
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	3 Crossing lines.PNG Views:	120 Size:	909.1 KB ID:	102941
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                      We have 3 crossing paths that cross at the exact same spot. I can add 2 more but I will wait because those 2 lines are not crucial to the solve.... I sent Forrest Fenn my solve with 5 crossing lines(including those 2) one month before he released his revised version of "Once Upon A While." There were some stars added and moved on the cover, an additional story and a dancing Fenn doodle were included in this revision... Coincidence? Likely! But it made me closely examine these changes.... I discovered that the dancing Fenn doodle related directly to my solve. Here is that doodle:
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Dancing Fenn.jpg Views:	1 Size:	97.0 KB ID:	102951
                      What I noticed is that Fenn is performing a celebratory dance on or around the river, path, or road... He has a foot to the right on the road and a foot to the left on the other side of or below the road or river.... And there is one in between on top... This is exactly like my solve except I was missing the foot in the middle. It was an Ah Ha moment and I concluded that there was a 2nd take it in on NM 285 between the Spa entrance and the Marvel Gaze at Oliver's store... And the other end was in fact at El Rito NM... The celebration dance was an Indian ritual or rite.... That is what is the English translation of Spanish El Rito. But where in El Rito is the point... Earlier I presented Marvel Gazes in that town... Drawing that line or path is as follows:
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	So Hear Me All and Listen Good Line.png Views:	1 Size:	900.4 KB ID:	102964
                      Holy crap Look at how these 4 lines cross! And Based upon the Line pic above, I now know the meaning of "Hear me all and Listen good" The line or path goes right thru the mouth of the ever drawing of Fenn! If you flew at 200 ft into the teeth of the Rocky's, you would use this path...
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	4 Crossing lines.PNG Views:	80 Size:	830.4 KB ID:	102965
                      The Wheel
                      Time to draw the wheel.... The poem purists are jumping up and down... "Foul - There is no mention of a wheel in the poem!" To that I say sit down... It does to! "Ive done it tired" Not only that it is a wagon wheel which has spokes just like the crossing lines.... But where do we draw those circles to form this wheel.... It is obvious to me: "Put in below home of Brown" and the first and most important clue "where warm waters halt" - Main... And it looks like this:
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Wheel Drawing.PNG Views:	1 Size:	864.5 KB ID:	103081
                      Wow, But that is such a large area to search.... The clue "So hear me all and listen good," continues with "Your effort will be worth the cold" In my WWWH presentation above I promised to expand on WWWH Cold where water freezes at 32 degrees. Didn't Shiloh just represent at an event where the temp according to Fenn was 32 degrees? Oh I get it, from the line So Hear Me All And Listen Good we need to draw paths which are 32 degrees to the left and to the right of that line... This is how that is accomplished:
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Protactor Solve.PNG
Views:	3104
Size:	869.4 KB
ID:	103134
                      I overlaid a protractor at 90 degrees and added and subtracted 32 to give me 122 degrees and 58 degree which are 32 degrees away from 90
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                        Medicine Wheel
                        What If the Wheel is actually an Indian Medicine Wheel as depicted above in the 1st reply? If I draw 2 more circle at WWWH Hidden and Take It In i achieve that task... But before I show you, I am going to overlay the above Medicine Wheel aligning it to the west with the So Hear Me All And Listen Good Line:
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Medicine Wheel Overlay.PNG Views:	1 Size:	858.3 KB ID:	103238
                        I really like this and what I find interesting is the 32 degree right line crosses 1st over Completion and Healing, then Sage and finally over the question: How do I show up for me?. The correlation to Fenn is his story in TTOTC is titled "My war for Me." He answered a question about what he can tell us about the place if he were standing on the chest and the one thing in his answer mentions the smell of sagebrush, and obviously he beat cancer! I feel it is more than a love story... He credits his cancer survival to this location. He is umbilically attached because he credits it with his healing...

                        My critics, me included, are probably impressed with the exact crossing lines and the layout of the solve Medicine Wheel concentric lines.... But they would claim way too much confirmation bias in the sagebrush / my war for me explanation.... Come on coin.... Show us confirmation!

                        I have mentioned 2 more lines that can be drawn from the clue and points on a map locations... I will add the crossing paths using WWWH Begin to Quick Turn on Fenn's tennis shoe.. and the line WWWH End to the Mewa Woman's Look or eye.... The points on a map are slightly manipulated but not by much and the picture that is created is total confirmation....

                        Forrest is quoted as saying that he is a spiritual man and not very religious and claims that his religion is in the mountains and rivers of the Rocky Mountains
                        I believe him....
                        Forrest Fenn's Religion:
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Fenn Religon.PNG Views:	1 Size:	847.2 KB ID:	103241
                        And how well do these 6 lines cross.... I would say pretty darn well!
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	6 lines.PNG Views:	0 Size:	881.2 KB ID:	103268
                        On Feb 6 2019 Fenn had Jenny Kyle announce that it was his last 6 questions and that he was going to step away. It was his 7th and last 6 questions, Jenny said that 7 is a perfect number. I have 6 crossing lines in my solve. So I found another. Per the decipher, this is about courtship and his loves. If he truly follows his heart his story would include a line drawn from his heart thru these crossing lines to another private and romantic spot. We know that Forrest did not work on Mondays.
                        I think that this was alone time for him and Peggy and that they visited their favorite spot. The location is known as the Manby Hot Springs which is near Taos, NM in the Rio Grande Gorge. Fenn could fish, while Peggy soaked in the warm pools and they likely would have privacy on a Monday to do what couples do best when they are in love. That line looks like this:
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Manby Line.PNG Views:	1 Size:	885.4 KB ID:	103271
                        The line is drawn from the middle of The Ever Fenn Drawing's heart exactly thru the Solve lines crossing point and ends up going over both pools which are the Manby Hot Springs. This 7th line couldn't be more perfect at WWWH Manby:
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	WWWH Manby.PNG Views:	1 Size:	880.7 KB ID:	103272
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                          I have to regroup because obviously my 32 degree lines that I set with a Protractor have failed me. I have searched both lines and feel I have covered everything except if the treasure is buried. So In my last set of screen shots I will pinpoint where the treasure is.... All you have to do is go pick it up! I have tried but my physical limitations stopped me. Before I do that I want to show you one more crossing line... I am kept awake at night because of the precision of Fenn's solve!

                          Is there a connection to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming? Absolutely... Using the Google Earth path tool, place your first point directly in the center of the medicine wheel. Then place your second point 639.2 miles away on the red dot that Google Earth has placed for the Santa Fe location label. This Santa Fe location is at the corner of the town square where Forrest's and Peggy's store was located. (If I am not mistaken)... It looks like this: Click image for larger version  Name:	Big Horn Connection 2.PNG Views:	1 Size:	848.8 KB ID:	103275
                          And it crosses this Fenn solve exactly where all of the lines cross in a rut below the pueblo in Ojo Caliente, NM. Pretty dang scary if you ask me!
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	Big Horn Connection 3.PNG Views:	1 Size:	869.1 KB ID:	103276
                          Forrest Fenn is umbilicaly attached to this location and it would be a great honor to spread his ashes for him and his family when he passes!
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                            I was lost until things for the Fennboree 2019 were being publicized.... When Forrest signed a book for that events auction or giveaway and AGK Media recorded and publicized where Cythia had brought the book to the party... I found that I finally knew the final location.... What I didn't realize earlier is that I had wandered away from The Decipher. The end of this is in the Decipher.... It is the double omega and is represented by the 2 words "end" that create the crossing paths per Indian symbolism. This can only represent that X MARKS THE SPOT ., just Like his signing..... Just like the propellers on the bombs.... It is now so obvious! It is at the X of the bomb to the left.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Fenn X Marks the Spot.PNG Views:	89 Size:	320.6 KB ID:	103682

                            I have presented previously an ever drawing of a Peace Pipe... " take the treasure and go in peace" One of Forrest Fenn's most prized possessions is the peace pipe that Sitting Bull once owned. And it is on this peace pipe that he hid the treasure. I had correctly interpreted that "in the wood" meant in the saddle as was hinted by the Fenn story about placing a white handkerchief to shield himself from the hard saddle.... I was not a horse saddle however, it was a pipe saddle.... a flat area where a pipe is held. It is shown in this modern illustration:

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	smoking-parts.png Views:	88 Size:	375.0 KB ID:	103683

                            Examining that area of the ever drawing peace pipe which would be where it has a long wooden stem and a flatter location I find an X which is made if Icy white quartz which I Interpret as the true meaning of "cold". It is here just outside or below of the home of the Brown wheel as pictured and I have included a photo of the X from NM 285 that I took a couple of weeks ago.... I want you to notice one more thing... the X is a part of the number 7.... 7 is indeed a perfect number! I am locked up in my knee to a point where I am peg-legged on my left leg and I could not complete the retrieval task. Please help me:

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	The X.PNG Views:	87 Size:	1,014.0 KB ID:	103684

                            For perspective, this is a picture of the pipe ridge looking south taken from atop of the peace pipe bowl which is located North of the shaft. The X would be in between the 2 tallest peaks IMO. I took the picture because I stacked the quartz Cairn that you see in the photo:
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Pipe Picture.jpg Views:	0 Size:	222.3 KB ID:	104041

                            I have drawn 2 retrieval paths as such:
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Retreival Path.PNG Views:	88 Size:	863.3 KB ID:	103685

                            I have marked the fence for the Posi Pueblo in blue.... The mountain ridge is also part of that fence so to the east of the ridge is Federal Protected Pueblo and west is free BLM territory. (notice north on the map compass)To the east of the green county border line is private property of the spa to the west is BLM protected and unprotected lands. To the south of the Green border line is also Spa property... It is likely on the west most portion of the seven in Free BLM and not at the X. When you go... buy a Spa day pass for $38 so you will legally be at the facility and not trespassing. I know it is here.... The paragraph before the poem says "indecision gave him flexibility to hide the treasure and that is why he hid it where he did....Indecision is sitting on the fence and flexibility is associated with a tree. Know that as you search! GO GET IT
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                              I don't get the whole "i want credit thing". Why is that so important to you?