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Confirming The Correct Forrest Fenn Where Warm Waters Halt Essay

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    Originally posted by JChere View Post
    On that long-ago November day in 1903, Wyoming used Horn to try out the Julian Gallows, a chain-reaction device that seemed born of Rube Goldberg’s ink pen.

    Horn’s weight on the trap door pushed down on a support post that depressed a spring which in turn opened a water valve. Flowing water gradually filled a can balanced on a support beam. Once full, the can toppled from the beam, which then knocked aside the support post, opening the trap and dropping the prisoner into eternity.

    Denver journalist John Charles Thompson, who had a seat at the gallows, wrote that “the sinister sound of running water” persisted for 31 seconds before Horn fell.

    “To the straining ears of the listeners,” Thompson wrote, “that little sound had the magnitude of that of a rushing torrent.”

    I don't see much of a connection here but it's as good as any so far I've seen.. lol
    Tom Horn's death was considered to be the passing of an era
    It was a new rope.
    "If you think it could not have been put there, your probably right. f "