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  • Status on the chase and THOR

    I have read many throw stones at those “famous” searchers, those who are willing to put out their thoughts on you tube or blogs. Here are my thoughts:

    1. I believe that, no matter if you agree with them, they spur on discussion. They spur on thoughts. That is a good thing for the chase. Before you respond with personal attacks when they do that, think of the overall good they are doing if applicable.
    2. They are willing to become public and have constant and in some cases terrible things said that they just have to ignore. If you don’t ignore and respond, it makes it worse. Don’t believe the BS. Some of it is flat out lies.
    3. They incur costs and time. Time is precious, more than costs. Sometimes it is better not to respond, but we are all human and sometimes do.

    I am only going to give two examples.

    I have read so much about AGK. Especially Toby. I have never spoken to the man and only known him / AGK since they “came back”. Toby always seems to qualify his statements with “in our opinion” and never like he is taunting anybody, but seems to be casted differently by some. When attacked, he has kept it real and only lost it on one occasion I remember, and has more patient than most. He is doing good for the overall chase, IMO.

    Second is Digging Gypsy. I do not care what personal issues are between her and other searchers but there were blogs talking about her children, her family, and her morals. I cringed each time I went to a thread on a public forum (not here) talking about a minor child and respect the mother instinct that she had in fighting back. I have never spoken to her but her spirit seems to show that she is just a great searcher and loves her family. I don’t care if others think they needed to out her and her daughter for their own reasons, but struggle with what all happened. No mother should have anyone ever speak of anything on a public forum about their daughter in a negative way. Not saying anything more in private matters or legal matters, but publicly what was said hurt my heart.

    Attacks are attacks and I don’t like them. Yes there are many others I could name, and they say they attack because someone attacked them, a vicious circle. I feel bad for everyone. BUT. I only wish to focus on the positive and the positive I have seen with Toby and DG - and this chase. I came in late to the game and see emotions are deep but am so saddened by the state of the measures some will take in attacking. I see I am in the midst of it without even being aware until recently. I will not take down THOR, I have a specific mission for THOR. It is to be a searcher discussion only site. I don’t care how much there are personal attacks on me (I do obviously but it won’t become a focus is what I mean), which in many cases I don’t even understand since they make no logical sense. THOR is not a hate site as stated, WTH!

    We are: Not a Fenn hate site. Not an attack on ANY searcher - agree or disagree with them. But can give opinions. Not any other agenda. We will and should discuss the hard issues. I ask anyone who is here to think the chest is out there (though may question it from time to time), not be personal with anyone, and simply have a spirit to enjoy life, enjoy this chase and to be ready to be accountable.

    I will leave this here and know that I will be going to various sites and putting thoughts on occasion. This place is a place for good chase discussion. I don’t want to be hidden with my thoughts or anyone confused as I exercise my right to discuss my thoughts in all venues but will not distract us on THOR. No matter how much they try. And I won’t stop in my quest to find this chest. I also will make this a mark in the sand that this is a place for what is right.

    (PS, if you don’t know what I am talking about, just let this thread move down with no response and let me have this bit of latitude to have a vent that I think I might deserve, even if not warranted).

    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    Thank you well said


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      Originally posted by Diggin gypsy View Post
      Thank you well said
      Hey Marti :P I wish you and your friend would've stayed for Fennboree the rest of the weekend. Hated to see ya take off


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        I feel sorry for you K. Before this happened now that you think you are fighting a fair fright, it is the exact same thing that happened with the exact same two a few years back - research out how CC even came to be created. They spoke out and the site flourished. Mindy has had pictures in his house. He wants this. They speak out again. You will be crushed soon, by Fenn. He gets enjoyment out of this. In my private information, he has ready partnered with them and corresponding with those who attacked him just a short time ago. Don’t embarrass yourself any more. Those in the know, know.


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            " I also will make this a mark in the sand that this is a place for what is right. ".........That, I like!!!

            'k", your naivete shows what a truly good person you really are.....unlike some involved. I thought you really knew what was transpiring.....but don't change anything. The way you were handling things, albeit unknowingly, is what is driving them nuts!!

            Good Luck to Ya, Lady!


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              People with a negative agenda never win. Because for every 100 people out there that try to shoot holes, you'll find one single friend ready to patch them. And that's all that matters in life. That guy behind the scenes running around with his spackling kit and a smile.

              Gold means nothing. Relationships are everything.


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                An update -

                From BRUB -

                Kpro -“ Not sure what you were forwarded, but posters on Harry's have gone ballistic because I referred to them as a sewer and said that I was very tired of the cyberbullying that is common place on Harry's and "has started showing up on THOR". Have you read some of the postings on your site lately?

                I have read postings on your site and am generally impressed with the classy tone of the posters. However, some of the posters lately have started to take nasty pot shots at CC. Really, is that necessary? Harry's is incredibly offensive, and I would hate to see that same level of garbage show up on THOR. I have been reading posts on Harry's for a very specific reason that I will not discuss and I will continue to do so.

                I am out of town for the next 2 weeks and will be completely off line - like in the bottom of a canyon - so I wont be able to respond. I am sure with my absence, stuff will calm down a bit.

                BRUBR - I like the opportunity to change the dialogue - here is my responses:

                Have been forwarded much that I feel just plain attacked and it is personal and nasty. Not nice not ok. I know though that this is probably who both side would say so let’s come together ??!!??

                Yes Harrys may have gone ballistic, and this is usual between CC/Harrys. Why an attack on me and THOR?

                You asked if I read some of the postings on my site (THOR), yes I have, I am impressed. You say you are impressed and we seem to agree. There is a classy tone here that we both say is the case. THANK YOU. Let’s start something - a point / counter point - or something like it. A fruitful type of style for posts?

                Some say you think think they are nasty in tone on here and taking pot shots at CC. I think there are genuine differences on the two sites missions, but also many sites mission. I would appreciate your suggestions on ways to make this good debate and less shots.

                As referenced, my thoughts on Harrys is that there is “the wild west” and both sides have a voice in the style, and it brings together a great set of searchers which have vast knowledge on the chase. Harry has too direct for my style, it sure does bring the issues to light and I love them for that, so they are a need for this chase. I have heard CC is incredibly offensive as much as you believe Harrys is incredible offensive. Can we met in the middle?

                I think we all read all forums for all good reasons. How can we all come together? I have paid for an entire year without ad revenue, so this is not a driver.What is best outside any on person’s agenda in making a place for dialogue?

                I am trying to find the treasure but more so want to help the community.

                Thank you for reaching out.

                What do you all think? Let’s come together! IMO, but open to yours.
                “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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                  Originally posted by Iron Will View Post

                  Hey Marti :P I wish you and your friend would've stayed for Fennboree the rest of the weekend. Hated to see ya take off
                  Hey will I would of loved to of stayed but was getting to crowded lol


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                    Hard to ignore but do it. I will probably put a late night tirade out and tell them to bring it. Then it will be deleted by morning. Just saw the update and full attack on you and even stealing your account handle at other places.

                    I would say move this to off topic, that is what they are. But mine are too. I am living in a glass house as I post this. That is what makes it funny, I realize it, they don’t. No conscience.


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                      Originally posted by Anna Graham

                      What do you claim to know? I don’t think you know anything, crawl back under the rock that you came from.
                      I was being sincere. Time will tell. ~~ From under the rock.


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                        I love this place as an archive of actual history, so it can’t be rewritten
                        “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018