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    Originally posted by 1Trailblazer View Post
    The soil has no nutrients anymore so chemicals have to replace the soil.
    Guess soil guardians are too lazy for crop rotation. Seems that a lot of poisons are moving out of the way as GMO crops come in. If a bug is not in the lettuce, I wonder if it is plastic like everything else. Perhaps they should consider: The tree grows slowly, but the earth is patient. Things between some organic and some chemical bug reduction is where I lived. But I had that option only tending a 'victory garden'. Things were so organized - rows - planting board spacing - who got to reside next to whom. Then the front was filled with 200 tulip bulbs - organized again by color - yellow, orange, red and by size - short in front, medium behind, tall in back. I sound so neatly packed! The front yard showed the real me! Crocus bulbs were scattered by being tossed in the air and planted exactly where the fell. Hahaha I 'planted' the front yard and first husband 'planted' the garden - I wish I had pictures of it all. Those were days when the seeds and little plants were 'safe' from the GMO. Now one has to look for the 'Heirloom' stamp.