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    Hey What the heck, this is off topic so I'll spend a few moments showing and telling.
    My 16 year old recently played for the first time on stage. The people he is with are so experienced. The Singer was a runner up on American Idol. The Drummer has played the MTV Music awards. The lead has won several guitar player of the year awards... and then there is my son David. A 16 year old kid with 3 years playing. There are 9 songs total if you link RAW 289, 290, and 292. These songs are all original and written by the band. Not Bad. They currently have one single being played on the Radio.

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    Wow, ..... not bad? Ummmmm, that is an understatement! He seemed to be seasoned out there. I checked out your other videos on them, they are great. Watch out, we have a group here of music junkies, and I have been adopted in - but I am a newbie in that part of my life.
    Happiness is the best revenge.......... yes, I am talking to you.


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      Thank You Kpro. You are very kind. I hope the music junkies like the music.
      I too have the heart of a hippie. Late 70's had hair down to my butt, huge beard, and rode a 1972 FLH (Harley) I love to travel and believe the West is the home of my hippie heart. The fairy part I ain't touchin.


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        Not many venture to off topic, typically political and most veer from here. Haha. There is a playlist on the main forum somewhere and a bunch of posts on the “say something random or philosophical” thread about music.

        70s, long hair, beard.......... Touch of Grey, Grateful Dead? Haha.

        I was shopping in Santa Fe last month and found this shirt I had to buy, since you have issues with fairies, hope no issues with a mustang.


        Click image for larger version

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        Happiness is the best revenge.......... yes, I am talking to you.


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          Awesome! I dated a Girl like that Once.
          Greatful Dead... Same girl.
          My favorite Greatful Dead song done in my favorite way.
          Thank You for sharing your moments with me.


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            Says there was previously saved content... no clue. Just listen and enjoy. Unless the previously saved content says differently.... Just an opinion.