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China as Cover to Hit Free Markets Because Woke Terrifies

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  • China as Cover to Hit Free Markets Because Woke Terrifies

    Republican Governor Nixes Thousands of Green Energy Jobs, Fearmongers About Communism

    So, even though China makes our phones, chips, batteries, shoes, sports equipment, clothes (Thanks Ivanka!), American flags, fertilizer, etc., etc., GOPers oppose reshoring those industries because Biden. They choose to focus now on the green products that the free market wants access to. (Green M&Ms get their own segment on Tucker's show too!) even if that means shitcanning jobs.

    We outsourced all these industries because GOPer free-market supply-side dicta were really just trickle-down voodoo put in place to fund tax cuts for corporations and rich Americans. The one good thing it did was arbitrage labor costs and suppress our domestic wage growth, thus promoting low inflation. It led to highly efficient, highly fragile supply chains dependent on trading partners who don't share our principles of human rights. But it helped the capital class and hurt the working class so it was all good for the GOP.

    The old GOP wasn't keen on fascism if it came at the cost of free market capitalism. But Trump's GOP is now the GQP and it's a christo-fascist isolationist fetish that imposes tariffs, bans books, limits markets because of religious dogma, and targets the voting rights of select demographic groups. Why not attack jobs as well, after all, jesus would have done it, right?

    So, it's no longer a cultural war on Gays and Black welfare queens. It used to be that Gays were gonna defile your kids if Gay people could become teachers. But studies show Gay people are no more likely to abuse kids than straight people are. Then it was Gay marriage that was gonna destroy straight christian marriage and make marrying your bicycle or your goldfish a thing. Didn't happen. And now that slave states can't hide from their reliance on Federal $ the skin color of the southern welfare queen isn't mentioned much anymore. BUT! the latest fixation is on kitty litter boxes in schools being an indicator of institutionalized Wokeism teaching kids to be animals instead of god's special soldiers for the cause. Actually it's about having a place for kids to go potty when active shooters ....... uh, 2A Patriots! ...... are killing kids and the school's in lockdown. But, no problem, it's time to go after Disney or Ford, not just the public school system. Nothing matters more than a hard right turn in economic engineering.

    Funny, GOPers said Grandma knew she should be willing to die to save the economy from Covid, but now the economy is supposed to suffer because Luddite! Lives Matter! and transgender theme park mascots aren't mentioned in the bible.

    Ronald Reagan would be ashamed of the GQP. Y'all would call him a RINO! Worse! Than! Lincoln!
    Conservatism is the belief that a small subset of the people is protected by the law, but not bound by it, while another, larger group is bound by the law, but is not protected by it.

    ~ Unknown