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    Hey all,
    Here is the update. I am taking the main FF off read only. There are now three moderators. I want to say I picked people I have known, in some cases for YEARS, well beyond THOR. They seem pretty low key (LOL) and shown over time they will be fair. For those of you I didn’t pick (I received a lot of requests), it is nothing on you, just got so many requests, had to pick a few.
    When you see them warn you, take it serious. If they make a call, respect it. I won’t get into significant detail and review things in general, I will trust them to make the call. My personal world is getting busy and I simply can’t be here enough, but they can. I thank them for their interest and time in a pretty tough position.
    The moderators are: Rah Rah, Low Key, and Goldilocks.
    If you forget, look at their title, MODERATOR.

    [FONT=Calibri]Also, I am adding some new users, I hope you welcome everyone, keep things fun and hold on for some epic fun [FONT=Segoe UI Emoji]
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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