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    Originally posted by Sirius B View Post
    Remember when Forrest said he threw Time magazine in the wastebasket? You brought up symmetry. 4/8/66 | 4/8/24. That's -696-​ months exact.

    I like "asterix event". It's subtly revealing. Aster = Star = Stella. IX = Nine = Nova. It subtly suggests the Starchild Event is or will be like a Stellar Nova. The variant spelling hides the IX monogram after "Aster", which is a nice flower for the occasion. Asters were believed to be sacred to the Greek gods and were used in wreaths placed on altars, and in many cultures were the traditional grave flower for a soldier or someone who died too young or unjustly..
    Hey B,
    It's all too much. I like it too.....I really like that you came up with the 6 thing.....IMO....the universe is a hologram and the pixels are hexagonal. Yeah, then there's the viscus piscus, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Collatz Conjecture, the Universal Constant, the number 137 and Richard Feynman, cosmology, quantum physics, fractals, the Turing Machine, etc., al. all ties in together. For me its reason to get really excited. I don't know what is wrong with the rest of the planet, I guess they are all obsessed with politics and Kim Kardashian? Or maybe they are all addicted to their texting machines.....hahahaha. Cheers.