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    In a piece on CBS's '60 Minutes tonight,' Prince Harry said, "The war for me, unknowingly was, when my mum died." Anderson Cooper followed up with, "Who were you fighting?" Harry replied, "Myself."

    Harry went on to elaborate that he was angry and resentful toward the British Press. He said, "It was obvious to us as kids, the British Press's part, in our mother's misery." The piece was more expansive than just this tidbit from the news program.

    I think this bit stands out and says something significant about individual human stories. Our pain and traumas shape and form us over the course of time. The younger me would deny the traumatic events impacted me at all, but the older me would ask my younger self, "Who were you fighting? I know that I was in denial. I would tell my younger self, 'unknowingly,' the drama of my life is the trauma played out on the movie screen of my story. Redemption is possible, but time needs to pass and I have to make my mistakes, and my story needs to include introspection and maturity to see that those events are the war for me.

    Good luck Harry. Good luck.

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    It's strange that Harry married an North American Embassy worker (worked in Argentina, I think). Trained actress. She was a blind date, set up by others.

    Now, I would say its highly likely this trained spy was part of a concerted effort, orchestrated by globalists, to bring down the Monarchy as part of a hostile takeover. Harry been just a weak minded tool.

    Maybe the Queen knew and got rid.

    Globalists now have the Taliban on board.


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      If anyone is interested...I posted this in the last Forrest Forum.

      Here it is again- since you brought up the topic again.

      ....we have all seen this chapter, and many feel it is important to the final solution. I is much more than that. Like other chapters that Forrest has published, it is a reflection upon his life. A reflection upon a goal that he set for himself to achieve. Here is link to the transcribed chapter on