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    ...there are multiple solution variants all leading to the same full stop?

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    Originally posted by Space Hopper View Post
    ...there are multiple solution variants all leading to the same full stop?
    I believe that is a likely possibility. Of course, I’m looking through my own rose-colored glasses.


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      There is one solution that sure is hard for some to get past. It sucks when the truth shows up and you don't feel as tall as you did the day before. I guess if one keeps trying to hide the truth, they can keep pretending the yellow river could take you to the chest. The fact is TTOTC had everything you needed and the solution took all of TTOTC to understand it. Sheep mountain is not the HOB and the lady with the foot in the put-in could never take someone to the chest without knowing other things. I guarantee the person who could solve that poem could find the who and how of the finders. I would say Forrest wanted to show everyone the wonderful flowers he left in this world and that was taken from him.


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        According to Forrest....and like you stated....there is only one way...the way he designed it to be.

        But....yet.....the world we live in....well.....strange things do occur, and thus, unbeknownst to Forrest, a different path could have occurred.

        This thinking could also be a break in...."I tried to think of everything." - f.

        Well...we know he did not think of the one did.

        May I ask....

        Why do you ponder? Do you have the same conclusion?

        Thanks for the post.