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Mike Lindell now says re-instatement will come at the Midterms

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    Another Big Lie candidate, Kari Lake, says "Vote for me and I'll break the law for you."

    This is what the GQP has become: blatant flouters of law under the color of conspiracy lies perpetrated by Trump. As America's demographic shift threatens white christian self-image, as young populations steadily reject bigotry and racism and worship of the rich, all that is left is vote suppression and crime.
    Conservatism is the belief that a small subset of the people is protected by the law, but not bound by it, while another, larger group is bound by the law, but is not protected by it.

    ~ Unknown


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      You hit the nail with that 1135am post. Clearly they have discovered that telling them what they want to hear is the golden ticket. It is told to them over and over again, and it is soothing and hypnotizing. This sucks them right in, no pun intended. I think most are going to lean one way no matter what. The issue is the elephant in the room that they do not want to mention. Think about it, why would they say they are loosing their country? There is no country that can defeat us. In what way is it lost? I fail to understand this theory. If we are loosing our country from within, what are the details. My understanding is they have lived a certain way of life that has changed dramatically. How long has this been happening? Who is to blame? I think it is just fear. Why buy 30 guns and say come and take it at the same time? Is this a way to fight fear? Do you actually think you would stand a chance when the feds show up? I can see the helicopter over your ranch with feds repelling down to the ground in full tactical gear, then we would be able to smell the sulfur dioxide odor coming from your pants. Don't live in fear people. Life is short, make the most of it and love your friends and family.