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  • Texan redneck story

    I cut like a knife
    through hints and clues
    I'm bringing my wife
    she is my muse

    with my 12 kids
    all kidding aside
    the wagon creans
    and skids to the side

    switchbacks and turns
    its pedal to the metal
    the rubber burns
    we proved our mettle

    like a wind's gust
    we came from behind
    y'all eat my dust
    treasure chest will be mine.


    • Ghost in a shell

      She felt like a ghost in a broken shell
      Lost on her way to the paradise
      She had to use the sense of smell
      To follow the scent of her sacrifice

      Was it an odor of an unborn child?
      What says things smell a certain way?
      Ghosts have memories running wild
      Like hungry piranhias sniffing out the pray

      In the aquarium of her memory
      There is a measure of everything
      Multidimensional penitentiary
      The exit marked by Ariadne's string

      She was a mother who lost her child
      And now she's caught in a space-time warp
      Maybe I felt her inside my mind?
      To me she looked like a shining orb


      • I'll be damned.

        I know I'll be damned
        for saying in jest
        here is the Hunter
        and there's the rest

        hooray and hoo ha
        believe it or not
        the goofball has chances
        to hit the pay dirt

        with a grab bag of hints
        and a motley of clues
        he got close enough
        to be in the news

        that gutsy fruitcake
        left us on the ropes
        he crushed our dreams
        and falsed our hopes

        he had us bamboozled
        he has all the cards
        alone he went
        the whole nine yards

        I would have nailed
        his balls to the wall
        to make the next season
        a free-for-all

        damned if I say it
        and damned if I don't
        but he was not searching
        in the Yellowstone...


        • Nice try, professor
          Rose Livingstone
          I'll be first in line
          To cast my stone

          I agree, this winter
          Will be quiet and lull
          Until you release
          Your own seagull

          Let twenty nineteen
          Be your new beginning
          Loosing, in a curious way,
          Is winning!


          • Hunter's story

            I started that game
            on a truth or dare
            I was not prepared
            for such a mad affair

            The baited hook
            was left in the open
            The clues to the treasure
            in the poem unspoken

            In the distance I heard
            the sabers rattle
            The searchers in thousands
            went into battle

            I felt wimpish,
            my solves were lame
            Over hints I was quibbling
            when I took my aim

            I walked among giants
            I ran with the bulls
            My guesses discounted,
            I was thrown to the wolves

            The tensions mounted,
            the passions flared!
            The gloves came off,
            the teeth bared...

            Did I get the indulgence?
            Did I reel in the catch?
            Just read my lips:
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            • Sons of bitches.

              I know not
              of anyone bolder,
              than a misguided
              On forums you've often
              seen that gadfly,
              better termed
              as reply guy.
              It's not that a fraud
              comes across uninstructed,
              he watched all vlogs
              and became adstructed.
              Pranksters come across
              whistling Dixie,
              but, in fact,
              they are just as tricksy.
              Betrayers will nod
              and support your bids,
              when all the while
              been greasing your skids.
              Deceivers are
              in the class of their own,
              they want to reap
              the seeds you have sown.
              There are three levels
              to a practical joker,
              some good, some bad,
              some mediocre.
              Imposters are really
              not that bad,
              provided you stay
              away from comrades.
              Beware of someone
              who will have you sonned,
              the sign of a flamboyant
              If I frazzled someone
              with this poem-kitsch,
              You can justly call me -
              a son of a bitch.


              • Dreadful January

                I'm going nuts, its plain to see
                You have taken fun away from me
                made boredom my reality
                from you I'd really love to flee


                • Originally posted by RoKi View Post
                  Dreadful January

                  I'm going nuts, its plain to see
                  You have taken fun away from me
                  made boredom my reality
                  from you I'd really love to flee
                  Agree. So release you see
                  the trap and set me free
                  boredom beats
                  disrespectful treats.

                  Come February, March . . .


                  • Winter activities are great, unless its colder than -8.
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                    • I got up out of bed today
                      And wished the snows would go away

                      I washed my face and broke my fast
                      And shoveling snow I did procrast

                      But then I could no longer wait
                      And so I dressed to face my fate

                      I pulled on pants and gloved my hands
                      And donned a coat as cold demands

                      And once I put on feet my shoes
                      I tried to shake off winter's blues

                      But once I sucked in fresh air's breath
                      It was as if I woke from death

                      Through snow I tramped and snow I slung
                      And found those blues which to me clung

                      Had been replaced by rosy glow
                      I guess I lost them in the snow


                      • Can you find the answer?.................. Homes for the many and for the few. Homes where water dwellers thrive; That alone number five.......


                        • My target is locked, I'll fire when ready
                          I need to be patient, just keep my aim steady.
                          The mission I'm on is almost complete
                          Confidence is soaring but will I be beat?

                          The pride that I have is so hard to hide
                          Need to stay humble although I been wise.
                          Can't count my chickens before they are hatched
                          But this hound dog knows he's on the right track.

                          Good luck to you all who continue the chase
                          Keep your eyes open and always be safe.
                          If you guess wrong or you made a wrong turn
                          Keep on searching, just a lesson you've learned.
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                          • who who

                            the hints are humorous
                            the lead searchers are numerous
                            who will be the one
                            to find the chest with exuberance?
                            let's make a wager
                            wise old owl and me
                            nobody will find the small chest weighty
                            It is very well hidden
                            by a tricky sly fox
                            who won't make it easy
                            to find that valuable box


                            • Originally posted by KStwistor View Post
                              Can you find the answer?.................. Homes for the many and for the few. Homes where water dwellers thrive; That alone number five.......


                              • Jackrabbit Nice poem! Do you have more?