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  • Originally posted by rapala67 View Post
    may your dreams be cast upon fertile waters,
    and your creel to the limit with love, health and others.
    Short and sweet, I like that.


    • The game master has left the home of brown
      Looks like he ran out of stamina
      maybe he's tired of being let down
      by people with their phones and cameras
      what is this chase really about
      the man keeps telling us and telling us
      get the kids off the couch and go outside
      He's just sick of it all, I'm tellin ya


      • I found this poem online today written by a pilot in WWII that I really enjoyed. I would love to get my pilot license one day, seems like it would be an incredible experience.


        • He's sick of it all so true
          left the room and chest
          interrupted by technology new

          The bugs must go
          and take with them
          all they know

          Too much technology
          Too much confusion
          Too much sniffing for - the solution

          Peace was all that was sought
          Via privacy and respect
          Everything now for naught

          Too many eyes and ears
          Brought so many tears
          Now nothing for years

          Hope everyone is happy now -

          Break anything you want
          Including a gifting heart
          Rules should have been a part
          Nothing is left from the start
          nothing except spyware
          an its ways must part
          Part and now -
          for all is over and like the wilderness
          was destroyed and polluted
          by man's desires for richness.

          Shame to one
          Shame to all

          Answers understood
          once and for all.

          Like Einstein's work,
          effort turned to nothing but hurt.

          All bugs and spyware must be removed
          for there is zero now and a negative
          which raped a heart.

          The destruction, you see,
          began with the invasion of me.

          Witnessing my entire privacy
          displayed for all to see, laugh, and mock
          destroyed master and learner.
          nothing but blame all around.
          IMO - invisible I GO.

          Not one, but two have been let down!
          Given the Flag today, get the Flag out of my life, privacy, and business.
          If the spyware does not Flag away, it will become the legal action I so longed to avoid.
          Some things cannot be avoided and some not tolerated.
          So leave my privacy my life and my intellectual property alone.
          And go away - Superior ones. Since ya'll know everything,
          Remove spyware from everywhere - it served no purpose other than to cause extreme harm from extreme hate.

          I'm just Nobody - nothing before and nothing now
          I've been harmed spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
          I owe it to all those cameras and cells and key loggers and eaves droppers - you all win - My vision lost - Take the gold and the fame and fortune and well . . . superior ones don't need to know where to put it . . .

          Good bye - for I refuse to indulge in the hate of the community. I came with morals and ethics and I leave with them still intact. My choice and applies only to me.


          • fences, fences everywhere!
            I'm boxed in...