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  • There goes Enigma,
    a shadow in pale moonlight.
    His footsteps are calm.


    • As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall do-nor fear any evil
      As I stand at the tops and marvel at mother nature's beautiful rotunda , a bomb of an idea hits me
      If right , I will have a cross to bare , if wrong , behind will be a wood that cares and a rock that dares
      Up above will be a great place to sit and stare and contemplate something with flare


      • This night while I sit and stare
        Thoughts come I know not where
        Obtaining no rest I look for my peace
        Viewing the questing star knowing I cease
        "If you think it could not have been put there, your probably right. f "


        • In the Bay by Algernon Charles Swinburne

          With 40 stanzas it’s too long to post in entirety- but it brings favor on those curious. There is only one time in this bay:


          • Add a bit of that lemon pepper
            get it ready for breakfast, lunch, or supper.
            I prefer it at breakfast.
            I prefer not to bring a sandwich but a frying pan.
            The Pavlovian response is strong, so I do what I can.


            • Doing what I can,
              So, is it within what I can?
              To fly, to ride, to hike,
              oh, my.
              Where I've been
              where I haven't?
              Aside the prize
              touching hand in hand
              all boxed up confined
              to the land?
              For a small token
              which became unspoken,
              A little pride was given
              long ago
              And now a little pride is needed
              basic small and low.
              What else is there
              but an exchange, a deal,
              a . . . promise so real.
              Good friends weather every storm
              and are there from the beginning
              to the end.
              There's a deal to send
              in clear cut paper and pen,
              and with it a message of love,
              honor, respect, and the memories
              that we send from here to eternity.
              That's what it was about
              the share of what's dear
              to each.


              • Don't forget that I can not see myself, that my role is limited to being the one who looks in the mirror
                - Jacques Rigaut


                • Hunter's story. Part II.

                  I feel like a soldier who returned home
                  I'll tell you my story. I want it be known.
                  The battle was lost, but not the war
                  I could have won - the luck of the draw.

                  Some minor wounds and major headaches
                  Shell-shocked and frostbitten. Is that what it takes?
                  The price to win my personal war...
                  I do not complain. Not anymore!

                  My major enemies were extremely bold:
                  The rocks, the water, the air and cold
                  In the last battle, I must confess
                  The water and air have kicked my ass

                  I was overpowered, I could do dickens
                  I felt like a trembling blind kittens
                  The rocks and cold so tried to hurt me
                  But in perseverance I have a degree

                  My two great helpers did not let me down
                  First Mr.Wood, then Mr.Brown
                  I knew them well, since my childhood
                  They were my company, they did me good

                  You may not grock the stuff I say...
                  Please, someone tell Forrest: have a wonderful day!