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  • The game master has left the home of brown
    Looks like he ran out of stamina
    maybe he's tired of being let down
    by people with their phones and cameras
    what is this chase really about
    the man keeps telling us and telling us
    get the kids off the couch and go outside
    He's just sick of it all, I'm tellin ya


    • I found this poem online today written by a pilot in WWII that I really enjoyed. I would love to get my pilot license one day, seems like it would be an incredible experience.


      • He's sick of it all so true
        left the room and chest
        interrupted by technology new

        The bugs must go
        and take with them
        all they know

        Too much technology
        Too much confusion
        Too much sniffing for - the solution

        Peace was all that was sought
        Via privacy and respect
        Everything now for naught

        Too many eyes and ears
        Brought so many tears
        Now nothing for years

        Hope everyone is happy now -

        Break anything you want
        Including a gifting heart
        Rules should have been a part
        Nothing is left from the start
        nothing except spyware
        an its ways must part
        Part and now -
        for all is over and like the wilderness
        was destroyed and polluted
        by man's desires for richness.

        Shame to one
        Shame to all

        Answers understood
        once and for all.

        Like Einstein's work,
        effort turned to nothing but hurt.

        All bugs and spyware must be removed
        for there is zero now and a negative
        which raped a heart.

        The destruction, you see,
        began with the invasion of me.

        Witnessing my entire privacy
        displayed for all to see, laugh, and mock
        destroyed master and learner.
        nothing but blame all around.
        IMO - invisible I GO.

        Not one, but two have been let down!
        Given the Flag today, get the Flag out of my life, privacy, and business.
        If the spyware does not Flag away, it will become the legal action I so longed to avoid.
        Some things cannot be avoided and some not tolerated.
        So leave my privacy my life and my intellectual property alone.
        And go away - Superior ones. Since ya'll know everything,
        Remove spyware from everywhere - it served no purpose other than to cause extreme harm from extreme hate.

        I'm just Nobody - nothing before and nothing now
        I've been harmed spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
        I owe it to all those cameras and cells and key loggers and eaves droppers - you all win - My vision lost - Take the gold and the fame and fortune and well . . . superior ones don't need to know where to put it . . .

        Good bye - for I refuse to indulge in the hate of the community. I came with morals and ethics and I leave with them still intact. My choice and applies only to me.


        • fences, fences everywhere!
          I'm boxed in...


          • Mongolian connection

            To think the poem's in English
            is so Napoleon
            In fact, he simply translated it
            from the old Mongolian

            I'll explain it here,
            since no one yet caught on
            That Forrest Fenn is modern
            Genghis Khan

            He grew like a simple peasant,
            not a samurai
            The Earth Mother's womb he cherished
            and Father Sky

            He was fishing and hunting,
            spent quality time on horseback
            He was a fighter, a warrior,
            cattle tamer and lumberjack

            Generations of searchers
            combed Gobi desert for naught
            Likewise for his burial
            Fenn found his own Camelot

            That son of a gun
            is a master of words crochet
            From his skill with marbles
            came the power of ricochet

            I'm gonna tell you the truth
            under my breath
            Fenn's secrets are not a secret
            when beyond death

            Do not kill the messenger,
            let me put on my safety hat
            Temujin had told me
            where Fenn's treasure at...
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            • A marvelous choice, Rose
              Thanks for sharing!

              Breathe fixed tranquillity. The rivulet
              Sends forth glad sounds, and tripping o'er its bed
              Of pebbly sands, or leaping down the rocks,
              Seems, with continuous laughter, to rejoice
              In its own being...

              Here is a poem I wrote about a little brook, that I am fond of. I will share it with you, but not its ending. It reveals too much ... if you know what I mean

              I'm a big fan of little rivers
              Not for a profit, not for a reason
              A bubbling brook. Banks
              Are few
              It's magical beauty and warbling sounds
              Have captured
              But when its angry, its voice will surge
              To a
              It moves boulders and heavy loads
              ………..its water
              ……………………….high ...


              • A word that is key

                The experts screwed up
                They didn't deliver
                They dropped the ball
                And washed it downriver

                The water runs muddy
                After a storm
                Who knows if it's cold
                Or is really warm?

                You know, the temperature
                Doesn't matter
                I learned from my friend
                The Mad Hatter

                He is not quite quite
                I must confess
                A good old man
                With a touch of mad-ness

                When we were parting
                He told me this:
                Slava, always
                Follow your bliss

                Divorce the takers
                Marry the givers
                Become a husband
                To forests and rivers

                Look deep inside
                Find your ally
                Then bring up a fire
                In your belly...

                So, here I am
                My mind's in a twister
                Trying to key in
                Rule defying trickster

                By golly, I solved it
                The Holy Writ!
                A river is running
                Straight through It.
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                • Two ravens

                  Two giant birds
                  Descending from Heaven
                  They are not just birds
                  They are Odin's ravens

                  One raven is dark
                  As black as the night
                  The other's - white
                  A creature of light

                  Black raven is curse
                  The white one is grace
                  Would I get a hearse
                  Or will finish the Chase?

                  And, I have to go
                  Go back to the river
                  They will know first
                  If I stand and deliver

                  In the Book of Destiny
                  Handiwork of my Fate...
                  I would left yesterday
                  But I chose to wait

                  It is not too late
                  The snow is melting
                  You know, my sins
                  Are a plenty

                  I'm black and white
                  As a checkered flag
                  The good and evil
                  In my heart zig-zag

                  My belly is
                  Full of fires
                  They burn through
                  All my desires

                  I feel my journey
                  Has just begun
                  We are all returning
                  Says Quran.


                  • Rumi's advice

                    Everything that was to happen, had happened!
                    Buddha is in a ditch
                    You might have taken me for a poet
                    But I'm a la-a-azy son of a bitch

                    You see only what you aim at!
                    I'm reading books from ends to beginnings
                    That is the way to know the future
                    To cut losses and assure winnings

                    And how strange your fear of death is!
                    You are the prisoner who fears the change
                    I knew of a man who hid his treasures
                    Somewhere in the Rocky Mountain Range

                    The season of Spring has come!
                    Many things must be left unsaid
                    I hope you liked my "pearls of wisdom"
                    Dropped in this "Poems Only" thread...


                    • @Rose Livingstone
                      Con mucho gusto!


                      • I, Too
                        BY LANGSTON HUGHES

                        I, too, sing America.

                        I am the darker brother.
                        They send me to eat in the kitchen
                        When company comes,
                        But I laugh,
                        And eat well,
                        And grow strong.

                        I’ll be at the table
                        When company comes.
                        Nobody’ll dare
                        Say to me,
                        “Eat in the kitchen,”

                        They’ll see how beautiful I am
                        And be ashamed—

                        I, too, am America.


                        • Forever Young

                          All pirates in kind
                          kick the can into the night.
                          Seconds fall like pearls.


                          • There goes Enigma,
                            a shadow in pale moonlight.
                            His footsteps are calm.


                            • As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall do-nor fear any evil
                              As I stand at the tops and marvel at mother nature's beautiful rotunda , a bomb of an idea hits me
                              If right , I will have a cross to bare , if wrong , behind will be a wood that cares and a rock that dares
                              Up above will be a great place to sit and stare and contemplate something with flare


                              • This night while I sit and stare
                                Thoughts come I know not where
                                Obtaining no rest I look for my peace
                                Viewing the questing star knowing I cease
                                "If you think it could not have been put there, your probably right. f "