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Monetizing the Thrill of the Chase -- Whatif....

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  • Monetizing the Thrill of the Chase -- Whatif....

    With all the Youtube Channels, Coins, Copper Art and Board Games, a cottage industry has popped up around The Thrill of the Chase. This got me wondering:

    "If the Hunter knew he was the Hunter (Lead Searcher for those who can't get past that term), would it be considered distasteful for him to monetize the Chase prior to his retrieval of the chest?"

    How would Searchers feel about the Hunter profiting off of Searchers before retrieving the chest?

    Would Searchers who paid the Hunter for access to his VIP member website (a la A Gypsy Kiss model) feel they are entitled to a share in the chest?
    Would they consider themselves investors, arguing that their contributions funded the Hunter's BOTG trip on which the chest was retrieved?
    Would paying members claim that they provided key clues that enabled the Hunter to retrieve the chest, therefore they would be entitled to a share?
    Would there be a lawyer who would take their case? (Sadly, the answer to this question is Yes)

    If, per many in the Search Community, the Lead Searcher can't know/prove he is the Lead Searcher until he has the chest in hand, would any claims by other Searchers be seen as spurious attempts at a money grab?

    Would this matter if the Hunter could pinpoint the location prior to his monetization of the Chase?

    How would the Search Community feel if the Hunter monetized the Chase AFTER retrieving the chest?
    Perhaps by selling or auctioning off some of his Chase art?
    Perhaps by producing a documentary? One that could become a Reality TV show?

    Either or both? What if those proceeds were largely distributed to a cause such as Autism?

    If one claiming not to be the Lead Searcher is monetizing the Chase and, ultimately, does retrieve the chest, how would that person be seen?
    Would that be any different than one claiming (or not claiming, but knowing) to be the Lead Searcher also monetizing the Chase?

    Disclaimer: I have no intention of monetizing the Chase; certainly not prior to retrieval. Just playing Devil's Advocate. I am happy with my role and what I consider the purity of the Chase. To each his own.


    Orion the Hunter

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    I thought a lot about how to get the best bang for the buck if on the slim chance I were to find the chest. Why not make a big media circus out of it prior to opening the chest up for sale. But you definitely have to have the chest in hand prior; that's for sure. I think that leaving in a vault or under your bed for at least 30 days is the wisest choice.


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      The Leed would probably be considered incompetent at greatly publicizing and playing off major fame endeavors before during or after snatching the box.
      just that kind of person, a person who solves this because of the Arthurian aspect: one sword, one stone, one royalty.