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  • Superstition/Spirituality/Religion

    I don't subscribe to any of these things. Realism works for me. I wonder whether lately FF is trying to sell us on religion. I have no problem with morality that isn't based on superstition.

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    Positive results when given a placebo have been noted by increased activity in the middle frontal gyrus brain region. Your mother never kissed your boo boos?


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      All those things are not the same unless you’re an atheist and then they might be thought of as similar. That kind of person might lump them all together especially if superstition included astrology. Realism? No sugar coating at all? A little fantasyism might be fun for you.


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        i guess if you smoke some dmt you trip for 10 minutes it's supposedly akin to what its like when you die. I can't wait for it to one day be generously offered to me without my doing anything. For the last week i've eaten a clump of asparagus so to interact more in my dreams, another part 1/3 of reality that is highly underrated and mostly ignored because of the massive fear based mind control reality that we all fall prey to. namaste my brother