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The Skripal affair: a lie too far?

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    Originally posted by Tur-a-neu View Post
    I remember the Crane Wife story! Wow haven't heard or seen a reference to it in a long time. It is a sad story.
    It's a sad, beautiful story. The Decemberists made it into a song, from which I quoted the lyrics. Actually more than one song. Here they are all joined up and performed live by the lead singer.

    (The origin of the band name is rather fitting in this thread.)
    "I once sent a dozen of my friends a telegram saying 'flee at once - all is discovered.' They all left town immediately." ~ Mark Twain


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      Do you still remember Skripals' story?
      It just doesn't want to die:


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        Originally posted by voxpops View Post
        Just as a follow-up to what I wrote above, I'd like to add something chase-related. To solve Fenn's puzzle you need to use logic. If you want to get a sensible handle on the Skripal affair you also need to apply logic. Linking to biased reporting is similar to using the blogs to trying to solve the poem. There is a lot of bluster, but very little useful evidence.
        And another "wrinkle" came to light:

        I am afraid that voxpops had it 180 degrees wrong when he said that "linking to biased reporting is similar to using the blogs to solve the poem". When one can follow the story (or cracking Fenn's grand puzzle) from the very beginning, noting the details and inconsistencies, discounting nothing - that would lead that searcher (analyst) to build a reach tapestry, encompassing so many dots. It would be as important to include "biased" reports as the "non-biased", since it is not known which ones are which in the beginning. I do not know how the Scripal's affair is going to end but I already see where it is leading.... With my search - I am definitely relying on the blogs/forums to weave the rich tapestry of TOTC, to help me with solving of the poem's clues...
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          Update. 2 years later: