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    the ice has come and winter is here,
    it's the frozen no oxygen air that i fear.
    if i go now all loaded up with gear,
    i'll come home down forever swilling beer.

    it's best i think to wait till spring,
    better chance and odds of finding the bling.
    new plugs and wires to make the jeep sing,
    and a snorkel on high to cross rivers with a zing.

    i'm going alone and no one will know,
    when early next year the sun breaks the snow.
    i may go at night to avoid a big show,
    there's way too many people i don't want in tow.


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      Perception is reality, but is it the actual truth?

      I treasure the truth completely, more than the fountain of youth.

      So I poked a bear and I kicked a hornets nest

      Then I messed with an alligator wearing a vest

      It is fact, all is fun and games until someone gets hurt.

      Right now it's better to dust off the dirt.

      With the truth not obtained and some energy drained

      Nothing's really been lost yet nothing's really been gained.

      Case closed for now, mystery still not explained.