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    fall is almost here and the time has near come,
    for the mighty silver steellhead to make it's river run.
    they come bound full of muscle,
    some spunk, strong will and hustle.
    be prepared for a fight and tussle,
    not unlike big city with bustle.
    i love the outdoors but i'm not a tree hugger,
    i tied my own fly a synthetic wooly bugger.
    i hide in the shadows like a central park mugger,
    and wait for the sight of a monofilament line tugger.
    i've been here all day my impatience does show,
    if i stay here much longer i fear it will snow,
    so i gather up my stuff and ready to go,
    when a vision appears and my mind it does blow.
    the fish that i see is the fish of my dreams,
    the info i processed could be measured in reams,
    like a fine tailors needle i thread the waters seams,
    so i can leave that rivers edge with a smile that beams.

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    Rapala you always have good fishing word
    gold and angling you’ve been lured
    With your rhyming word I’ve seen you fish
    I’ve seen you search I’ve seen you wish

    A wish for peace in a river full of trout
    thats your dream without a doubt
    A line in the water and searching for treasure
    are your words you write of pleasure

    So thanks for your word at early morning rise
    I feel your peace and seen your prize
    Your words we enjoy it brings a smile
    he made two trips it’s more then a mile.

    Thanks and have a great weekend all


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      Roller coaster ride
      Flips you upside down
      Twists you, Turns you
      Loops you back around
      Sprinkle in some faith and a bit of luck
      Say beg your pardon, Savage garden
      I'm out of the muck


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        I often wonder how I got involved
        is the poem real is the poem solved
        I heard about this crazy poem
        treasure placed below a home

        A home you say capitalized Brown
        8.25 miles above a town
        A town we know as Santa Fe
        Fenn lives there, that’s what they say

        Some say it’s real some say it’s fake
        it isn’t easy no walk for cake
        you will walk with your boots on the ground
        walk in circles till his chest is found

        its no easy task it’s really a thrill
        you'll spend some money it’ll test your will
        be patient and take it slow
        it’s only win no place or show.


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          It matters who you are
          Your golden heart
          Sets you apart
          you are a shining star
          Be true to you
          In all you do
          It will take you far


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            Our life is a true test
            be it worst or be it best
            Some have to live in constant strife
            others walk in a God’s guiding light

            We the lucky, in land without war
            we watch the sun set on distant shores
            Others not lucky, but still have some hope
            for happiness and freedom so their families can cope

            So on this day now called 9- eleven
            I ask the souls that were sent to heaven
            Are we any different this dreadful day
            All that I heard was “one only can pray.”

            Don’t forget..... please


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              I am the 1 Thrill of the chase, I'm too far to walk