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The US government is evil

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    An old friend traveled the world looking for her niche.
    She told me, “hey trailblazer you can travel all over this world looking for that perfect place, you will learn after blazing thousands of miles of trail that the peace you were looking for, the blaze of wealth, it sits right here, as she touched my heart. She found peace within herself within her own backyard taking care of her garden in turn the garden taking care of the birds and the bees.
    Life really can be easy, we as humans make it hard.

    So is the US Government evil?
    Didn’t God say “Man is evil”
    Man is the Government, voting is about all we can do prior to a revolt.


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      Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post

      Please pardon my skepticism about google. They're the geniuses that gave us the self-driving killer car(s), right?
      evil geniuses.


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        12-12, today the fed is upping the amount for overnight and all other repo programs. right on schedule....i'm guessing $500 billion. never ending money to the banks, we didn't even get told this time. me thinks the biggest show ever is about to start. i see many so called "conspiracy theories" lining right up.


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          Man is evil. Never mind using inclusive language here. Regarding this thread, why would anyone think our government is evil?


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            In the early sixties I figured out they are lying rats , go to Southeast Asia to stop communism BS killed 58000 plus and then said let’s leave. Now we have communists in our legislature and openly running for president, they’re in the fbi, cia, and nas.. a president that sent plane loads of cash to a terror promoting regime that kills our troops by supporting terrorist groups all over the world. Doesn’t matter if it was theirs frozen since shah or hostage days. Sad, this country needs to wake up.