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    It's rude, yes. He doesn't care about anyone. All he wants is the fame and fortune from everything. There are a lot like him. So many holidays that are supposed to be about remembering or honoring those who dedicated their lives is only about shopping, alcohol, and partying without even a thought about the reason for the holiday. Evolution of things forgotten or subordinated or just not recognized. Perhaps he represents the masses. IDK. His values are not mine. The closest war in my time was Vietnam and I've been to the 'wall' more than once; yet, the emotion of reading the names and seeing those you knew is an emotional experience like no other. Seeing all those in Arlington is difficult. Rudeness is our country's reputation these days. Sad.


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        Welcome to the Reservation.
        Questing song: Iron Maiden's "Quest for Fire"


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          If you haven't seen this, you need to NOW. Very serious stuff, and every single one of his thoughts on what will happen have seem to come true.
          they cancered him a few years ago. RIP.
          Questing song: Iron Maiden's "Quest for Fire"


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            Federal judge puts another nail in the Russiagate coffin - destroys a key Mueller report claim:


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              Originally posted by 1Trailblazer View Post
              God said he would never destroy the earth again,
              He knew the next time we could learn how to do it ourselves.
              God said He would never destroy the earth again by a global flood. According to my Bible, a future destruction by fire is on its way.

              America is the best nation that this earth has ever seen. But yes, America is still objectively evil. My second book, published earlier this month on Amazon, is all about America's coming judgment, actually. There's a thread with links here in the Off Topic section. The Bible says America is going to get a free sample of the world's eventual total destruction by fire.


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                Recent summary by Tyler Durden from ZeroHedge:


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                  Just watched an interesting documentary about the coverup of what happened to TWA 800 back in 1996.

                  TWA 800 was flying out of JFK to France; about 15 minutes after takeoff, the plane exploded, scattering debris in several fields across the ocean south of Long Island and killing all ~230 passengers on board.

                  The explosion of the 747 took place in a highly populated area and was seen by over 750 eyewitnesses, including pilots and military veterans. Hundreds of these witnesses were completely certain that they had seen TWA 800 being struck by multiple ship-launched missiles.

                  In a move completely unheard of, the FBI seized control of the crash investigation from the NTSB, which always takes the lead in aviation disasters. The FBI removed many pieces of wreckage from the hangar where the NTSB was reassembling the plane, tampered and changed ID tags of wreckage, and failed to return materials after they were shipped to the FBI's own laboratory.

                  Despite the very clear eyewitness testimony of the events concerning TWA 800's destruction, NOT A SINGLE eyewitness was ever permitted to testify before Congress about the crash. The CIA (how the heck did THEY get involved?) presented their own simulation of the crash on public television in a blatant propaganda piece which reiterated over and over that "No one saw a missile." Eventually the cause of the crash was "determined" to have been a short-circuit in the central fuel tank, despite literally millions of flights in similar planes without ever a single other documented occurrence of such a malfunction.

                  Why did the US government cover up the cause of the TWA 800 explosion and lie to the American people? Who knows, but the most likely scenario based on the circumstances is that a US Navy surface ship experienced a weapons malfunction and shot down TWA 800 accidentally. Due to the upcoming Presidential elections, the Clinton administration elected to suppress the truth to avoid a major scandal.