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    Have we lost our power. Putin says yes.

    Have we sold out due to the greed of American business. (Materialism made by China. Yes

    Have we spread ourselves so thin that we can’t keep control.

    Is this the reason Elon Musk and Richard Branson are developing space ships.

    The population on earth in 2012 was growing by 150 million per year. Can we sustain. No we can’t.

    At what point will the world leaders shut down the power grid to reduce this over grown population.

    And we are worried about a 10 x 10 box.

    I’m just gonna have fun till I finally have to spread my arms and say. “TAKE ME, IVE HAD ENOUGH”


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      Hey Good Buddy, what timing you have. I came today with little time available in the am and hope I can return with another permission slip early evening.
      Want to play a game? How I miss the game - the post above is soooooo timely to a game that begs to be played.

      I gather you are aware of media about Putin and his claims of the USA making a number of mistakes and that the compilation of those mistakes will cause the USA to lose power - and of last I heard that he states, it is almost done. 'Almost' well ff could address that kind of word

      Using codes I found a message from Putin or Russia to the USA. It contains one of the 'mistakes' I believe Putin is claiming the USA made. The message is clear but difficult to decode and is in plain sight. There is a message back to Putin or Russia - the message is clear but coded and in plain sight. Both governments 'understand' the two messages. The game - what are the two messages? Did you catch them already? Let's play a game, my dear game lover.

      Clues to the conversation between Russia and the USA: 1. the recent bomb packages - do ignore the envelope contents at this time - focus on the envelope like you would focus on the scrapbook of an envelope - major hint - remove the felt-tip pen and replace with something else (if you need more of a hint, let me know) the item you replace the pen with is the Key to Russia's message -- their end. 2. the recent 'media' (make that false news) response where Trump's mouth moves issuing words - can't miss it because the crowd in the background was inserted and Trump was obviously in front of a green or blue screen. Trump is not the speaker; he is the messenger -- ignore it for a moment and decode the message from the USA. Two words are uttered; yet, only one has value. Which word is Key? How do you know that that one word is Key? There is only one source to locate the Key information? Do you remember from clouded chatter -- the source? What did the two countries say to each other?

      Just a game of codes and not opinions on politics.

      A challenge but My Good Buddy has one advantage -- it is one of his younger roles.

      So, let's all have fun till we all finally have to spread our arms and say, "It's over." I'll plan to return this early evening to see if you have the 'conversation' or if you'd like more hints to play a game that is fun but does not have the lure of a 10 x 10 box. But I think ff would agree that it is really all about the thrill of the chase.

      Tur-a-neu means a new version of Turing. Decoding anywhere for any reason so long as it is enjoyable and even better with a matched buddy. Catch you later, Red.


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        Originally posted by 1Trailblazer View Post
        Tur-a-neu Dave is talking about Big Brother, taking the calm and the good. Has he not, in North America beginning with the Native Americans, and with internet technology he has remained to remove the calm from our existence.
        Ok thanks. Big Brother is destructive and creates disharmony - quite the opposite of the other Big.


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          Tom Hanks “Big” now that’s funny


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            Originally posted by Guest View Post
            So what is the solution? Put into perspective what happened to the American Indians while you consider your response.
            Reading a very interesting book about the 2nd amendment at the moment, Loaded


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              Tur-a-neu I don’t watch the news so didn’t see what your talkin about.
              I can say we sold out to China and we banked to much on oil and not gold.
              China has all the gold, we just have inflation.

              Thats an uneducated common sense statement based on my perception of the false news.

              I think the world leaders are like attorneys, they act as if they hate each other but on the golf course they laugh with each other and laugh at us.

              One big game of control, yet it has to be that way due to mankind’s actions. I wouldn’t want the job to figure out what to do with us.

              Give me a hint and I’ll turn on the TV lol


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                That sounds about right. I remember seeing attorneys around a court house and they were rather chatty -- at the time it was about the binge Netflix House of Cards. As soon as a client arrived, they were strangers and then in the courtroom they were rather like enemies. lol I suppose they studied some acting classes while the football players took up ballet.

                Trump is using new words -- new to him obviously -- but appear to be written and staged by a man in his 80s and most likely with military officer background. The latest is 'spate'. The first two were egregious and abhorred. While he spoke the words once in a planned recorded session, he used egregious again in a tweet and seemed incorrect in usage. Military officers around the 60s (give or take) would tell Trump to check the English book on word usage (Do you know what book?); a very snobbish comment, but back then accuracy of message was important. It appears that whoever is writing the words coming from Trump is actually sending a message to an audience that are not Trump supporters. These were all related to the so-so news over the Internet about the manila packages with the bombs. The news would not allow a steady picture of the packages without blocking things. They say it is home grown terror and today arrested a man in FL. The part of one of the package fronts indicated that the message was in line with so-so news items from Putin. There are two rows of stamps. The stamps are perfectly arranged -- set up. The stamps are US flag costing 50 cents each (like 50 states) and are designated as Forever. The postage was $3 and $0.75 short. The rest of the package labels are typed, cut and taped. The font is all capitals -- shouting. The page front is not a mailing but more of a memorandum. It appears to begin with the message of 'Didn't you get the memo?' I wish I could see all the package fronts. I only found two codes in the one I saw -- 'FLORIDS' is one -- TO:JOSEPH ..... is another code and a demeaning message. So, given the two (FLORIDS ---- TO:JOSEPH) do you know how to decode 2 messages there? So, I see your 'control' game in there and teasing or provoking. Unfortunately, we have a leader who gives in to the invite (at least too soon). Was wondering if you knew what book the military leaders referred to to correct someone's word usage -- as if that was the most important thing during war. lol


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                  I do not have TV and at this time, I get to binge on Netflix once in a while. I use to like to watch the German news station -- it appeared to know more about us than our stations lol. But that was over a year ago and was a surprise perk at an RV park.


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                    We have 7000 to 8000 Central Americans marching up to the US.
                    I see 7000 construction workers, they say “we want to work.”

                    Mexico has offered housing and medical help.

                    We hire them on the other side of the border at lets say $15.00 an hour. Now they have housing, medical, and a job (More then lots of Americans).

                    So we sign a treaty and tell them that when they complete the wall along the border we will give them citizenship.

                    After 2 years of construction and the wall near complete we do like we did to the Native Americans, we say jokes on you, try to get over now.

                    Politics is actually pretty simple if you use common sense and if you can’t dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit.

                    I’m actually joking. I’m glad I don’t have to make decisions like the US Government.

                    I’m for legal migration.

                    Or close the door, seems everyone in the world wants to come here. That’s how great we are. The greatest show on earth. “Americans”

                    Not to mention the camping, if you can find a spot.

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                      Legal migration - sure - people should be able to migrate to where they find contentment and in a system in which they believe. So many say they want to be here. I would like to hear what they have to say about what they offer to make this country great or keep it great whatever; what are their contributions for the nation? Sounds like a lot of bronze box seekers - sometimes - but not all. Our nation has a history of great people doing great things for all -- contributions according to their individual and collaborative abilities. I just would like to hear something other than "I want (a job, healthcare, etc) something I want to offer. Even those who are citizens, what do you offer? I wish we could all find just the right place where we fit in and contribute in our own special way - fit in no matter where that is.


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                        I read that if people volunteer to a good cause, they live longer and with a smile. If the migrants wanted to actually work they would have taken the jobs, a safe place to sleep and medical attention offered by a country that speaks their language. If you have been offered everything you say your migrating for.
                        Why the heck would you walk another 1000 miles.

                        I know, you got a piece of paper you pulled from a street pole in Central America placed by MS13 saying.

                        Come to America, everything is free, you can buy a gun and drive where ever the hell you want. If you can’t find a job, you can sell drugs. Taking jobs from reputable American drug dealers. Ha ha

                        Close it before it’s to late.

                        Sometimes you are forced to be a bad guy.

                        Some countries shoot you for violating migration laws.

                        Not being mean, just using a bit of common sense.


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                            Originally posted by 1Trailblazer
                            The dumpster trumpster doesn’t show up to honor American soldiers. Because it was raining, guess his hair stylist didn’t tell him rains good for that comb over.

                            Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames, a member of the British Parliament, blasted Trump as “pathetic” and “inadequate” for failing to show up.

                            Imagine that
                            A total embarrassment everywhere. It's all about him. I doubt there'll be one tear for him.


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                              One can achieve and maintain principles - it just takes more time and effort - I guess some don't care about either principles or effort. Isn't it so much easier to skip over things and steps and just get to the power pose.


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                                It's rude.