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The US government is evil

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  • The US government is evil

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    More of the same behind the Pond:


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      On the latest bombing of Syria:


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        Let it be no surprise:


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          So what is the solution? Put into perspective what happened to the American Indians while you consider your response.


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            Originally posted by LGFI View Post
            Put into perspective what happened to the American Indians while you consider your response.
            This is what happened... but it ain't over yet...

            My ears picked up the sounds of drums
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            The fires are dancing around wigwams
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            The death’s everywhere. Collecting the tolls
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            The spirits as shadows are dancing on walls
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            My people were slaughtered, the merciless fate
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            Was meted to them by the neighboring state
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            I knew it was coming. A shaman foretold
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            They want our land and they want our gold
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            OK, white-skinned people, the fate that’s much worse
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            Will bring to your children the Indian’s curse
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            Like ghouls they will live, their souls will be sold
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams

            To enjoy all the beauties of the “civilized” world!
            Ta-di-di-dams, Ta-di-di-dams


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              Something Very Important Happened Yesterday That Has The D.C. Establishment Very Concerned. Want To Know What It Is?



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                So what do you do? The people lost a great deal of freedom with the destruction of the World Trade Towers.
                The patriot act has nothing to do with patriotism, neither does war. My opinion and has been since I was a child.
                Never to change no matter who is president. We have always been their pawns and most likely always will be.
                My opinion and I don’t care about yours. I’m not here to debate.

                Actually I do care about your opinion, because it is only an opinion. That’s Freedom.
                We are so lucky to have it.
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                  It is simple, if you thinks US is evil. Move out of the country and c how u like it. Some hate America but wudn’t last a f***** minute anywhere else. Pampered b**********. Enough asterisks for ya? Freedom comes at a price and might have tragedies on all sides but go the f*** elsewhere if u won’t like it. There ain’t no debate so I stand there. With America and those stripes.


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                    You are the fools
                    Of the tallest order
                    You are the food
                    And the cannon fodder
                    You are the soil
                    For our seeds
                    The toilet paper
                    For our needs
                    We make the money
                    On your kids
                    We own all the mortgages
                    And all the deeds
                    The less you know
                    The better you sleep
                    Information control
                    So tightly we keep
                    Health and insurance
                    Come hand in hand
                    When we feed you on garbage
                    They will gladly attend
                    We'll tell you who
                    Is the next boogeyman
                    Russians were coming!
                    They will do it again.
                    Whatever we do
                    Is classified
                    Fuck ups and failures
                    Thus easy to hide
                    You don't know our names
                    Nor our faces
                    This information is
                    On the need to know basis.


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                      Originally posted by LuvStars View Post
                      if you thinks US is evil.
                      LuvStars - Do not blame the messenger.


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                        Originally posted by sadcom View Post

                        LuvStars - Do not blame the messenger.
                        Tell u what. U shudn’t have to live in evil. Poor guy. Pick a country and I will buy the ticket myself and send u on the first flight out. China? Saudi Arabi? Afghanistan? Wait maybe North Korea. Yah North Korea, that’s it. U name it. One way ticket only. The messenger needs to get on that plane. I will even send u first class since u probably never been there Order the fillet and crown to drink. It is the best. U deserve it Mr. Messenger.


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                          LuvStars I love you too!


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                            Originally posted by sadcom View Post
                            LuvStars I love you too!
                            Mopey Messenger,

                            I ain’t ur type. I luv america. Look at them stars, almost as bitchin’ as those stripes.

                            Not taking me up on me offer sweetums? Come on now u know u want 2 . We all want u 2. Do it for that evil america. Come on now, I dare ya.