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I just published my second book: "How America Ends"

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  • I just published my second book: "How America Ends"

    Life is something of a chase and a riddle, as we all muddle through and attempt to answer the big questions of why we are here and where everything is going.

    I just finished my second book, which is an overview of three very detailed sections of the Bible which relate to America's future. The book shows that these chapters are undeniably linked, and that the predictions contained within them relate to the United States. The advent of a new American civil war and a nuclear first strike by a coalition of nations with Russia at the helm are also discussed. You may see it here on Amazon US:

    In case the link doesn't work or changes for whatever reason, the book is called "How America Ends" by J. David States.

    I have a promotion scheduled for next weekend where the e-book will be given away for free.

    Looks like the paperback has not been linked to the e-book just yet; it sometimes takes Amazon a few days to get that done. Here is the e-book link, just in case:
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