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    If we don't have enough puzzles to work on right now.

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    I doubt this is in my state so I am going to share my knowledge of the game to help anyone out who has never played or seen the game. The object is to get 10 victory points (VP), and at the start of the game you get to place two settlements on the board, limited by rules. A settlement (smaller building) is worth 1 VP. You can upgrade that settlement to a city (larger building), where the city is worth 2 VP. The longest road (seen by the long rectangular items) is worth 2 VP and the largest army (at least 3 knight cards) is worth 2 VP, those bonus victory point cards (largest) are next to the player who have obtained them. The white cards with circle that are face down are development cards. The standard game has 34 of them, where 20 are knight cards, 5 that are an additional VP, and 3 sets of 3 other items that can affect game play. You can see some players have these cards face down and some have turned up knight cards. The blue cards with the map icon are the resource cards you get from having a settlement/city on a tile with the specific number that is rolled each turn. For example, if the 11 were to have just been rolled, Orange player would get 3 woods, and blue player would get 2 sheep. The resource cards are used to build road, cities, settlements, and get development cards. So what you can officially determine, the VP goes as follows: Red-2, Orange-3, Blue-6, White-7. Orange and White may have some hidden VPs. And in the end, none of this probably really matters. This is not everything, but just enough to get you started.
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      Thanks for the Catan lesson, I B Finding It, I am one of those who has never played the game. However, it seems likely that Red is losing.

      As for the location, do you think we can rule out the states where Mr Clue's Hunt #1 and Hunt #2 were set? Indiana and Georgia, I think. Please correct me if Indiana is wrong as the solve for Hunt #1

      Any thoughts on why the 5's are upside down?


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        MoFinn - It appears that Red has had some back luck where his numbers just haven't rolled in this game and is probably not likely to win this game, where blue and white could win at their next turn. How my family plays, the board tiles are randomly placed so each game is completely different. For the little discs with the numbers, there are (1) of 2 and 12 and (2) of each number 3-11 (except 7, no 7 discs). The dots underneath the number represent a statistical probability that they will come up in a role. I'm sure that the upside down 5s are part of Mr. Clues solution. So maybe the 5s are supposed to look like 6s since he is limited in different numbers he can use, and sticking within the game of Catan.
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          Thanks again I B Finding It, I am also getting a lesson in Catan from my kid, via email! I told her to look for errors or impossible positions (i.e. aberrations), since Mr Clue says that knowledge of the game is helpful. Your idea about the 5's is very interesting.


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            Just figured this out with the music. The Music is "gold in them hills." That was a phrase popularized by Matthew Stephenson who from Georgia tried to get people from going to California. Mr.Clue's last hunt was in Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music gives you the next state which would be California!!!!!!!!! Or i could be down the wrong rabbit hole


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              Also MF Stephenson was buried not to far from the last treasure. Too many things to be a coincidence