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    So is everyone in agreement that Mr.Clue's next hunt is in Georgia?

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    He has confirmed it! yes!


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      My initial's in Savannah. Moon River at Downings Pier to Priest's Landing to Monastery Road to Landing's Harbor Marina. In or near a boat slip at either marina. I'm in Alabama but Savannah is a good 6-7 hour drive. I won't be able to make that trip anytime soon as I am one week post op from surgery and can't drive. Good luck to anyone that is searching!
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        Clue #1
        Begin your trek
        where the great
        canoe rests

        Take a look
        from the place
        of new green

        You will travel
        between many crests

        The city in the
        forest can still
        be seen

        Clue #2
        Seek the
        river of the moon

        Near the path
        of those who
        seek fellowship

        Continue until
        water strewn

        At this corner
        be sure not
        to slip


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          The Cherokee people were called "moon people" . I assume that "water strewn" might refer to a dam or perhaps a delta. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck folks!


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            Should we just keep to one thread and keep updates here?

            Clue 1:
            Begin your trek where the great canoe rest - Pretty sure this is Brasstown Bald. This is the place where the "great canoe" came to rest in the old Cherokee legend that is similar to the Noah's Ark story. Read more here:

            Take a look from the place of new green - (Credit to MoFinn) The high, rounded peak, Brasstown Bald or Mt. Enotah, is the highest mountain in Georgia, 4,748 ft. Its Indian name, Itseyi, means “a place of fresh green,” referring to its grassy, instead of timbered, summit. Early white settlers mistook the Indian name for a similar one meaning brass. According to Cherokee legend, there was once a great flood and all men died except a few Cherokee families who landed on top of Brasstown Bald in a giant canoe. The Great Spirit killed all the trees on top of the mountain so the survivors could plant crops and live until the floods subsided.

            You will travel between many crests - I'm thinking just means we will be going by lots of mountains

            The city in the forest can still be seen - The city in the forest is the nickname for Atlanta, GA. It is said that on a clear day you can see Atlanta from Brasstown Bald.

            Clue 2:
            Seek the river of the moon - So many ideas on this one, but haven't found anything that fits. There is an obscure reference to "river of the moon" meaning "the dull red branch", looked for a "red branch" of a river but couldn't find any in the area. Cherokee word for moon is "nvda", river is "amayi"...but nothing there either. There is a native american phrase for "River Moon", Iswa Nuti, but found nothing with that either. Obviously looked for Moon River, Luna River, and other variations...found nothing. Looked for features on the Moon that resemble rivers...closest I can find are "Rima" which are rilles, which are long narrow depressions on the surface of the moon, but no luck linking anything with that.

            Near the path of those who seek fellowship - Appalachian Trail at Unicoi Gap - Plaque: “A Footpath for Those who seek Fellowship with the Wilderness.” This is the area I'm looking for "river of the moon".

            Continue until water strewn - Have found nothing, but assuming this is where "river of the moon" breaks off into several branches or ends.

            At this corner be sure not to slip - No ideas yet.

            Feel free to add. I'm no where near Georgia, so won't be going out looking for this one so I'm just sharing all ideas I have.


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              Nice work making a combined thread Outkast Searcher, and congratulations on finding the plaque at Unicoi Gap! I see where the 3rd clue won't be released until August 15. Like you, I will not being going BOTG in Georgia, but I hope someone here lives nearby. Thinking outside the box, I wonder if the word "slip" might refer to a boat slip at a marina?????


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                Seek the river of the moon- Could be "Naked Mountain Branch" referring to ones posterior or "Chattahoochee River" is a song that has the line "A pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight"

                Continue until water strewn- was thinking that means waterfall, like the water was strewn about.
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                  Update on Clue 2:

                  Seek the river of the moon - After much digging and Steven mentioning Chattahoochee River. I am leaning towards the Chattahoochee River being the river of the moon. Even though the official meaning of Chattahoochee is painted rocks...I'm finding a lot of references to the Chattahoochee River and "Moon". This makes a lot of sense so this is what I'm going with at this time.

                  Near the path of those who seek fellowship - Appalachian Trail at Unicoi Gap - Plaque: “A Footpath for Those who seek Fellowship with the Wilderness.” This fellowship quote is a common phrase with the Appalachian Trail. So I think we are looking at where Chattahoochee River and the Appalachian Trail intersect.

                  Continue until water strewn - Could be the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River or possibly a water fall on the river (maybe Horse Trough Falls?)

                  At this corner be sure not to slip - Still thinking about this one.


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                    I think you're on track Outcast Searcher

                    Also the nick name for the Chattahoochee Rover is "The Hooch" and "Hooch" is the nickname fore "Moonshine"

                    Description of Horse Trough Falls

                    This neat waterfall is located near the junction of Horse Trough Creek and the Chattahoochee River in Union County. To reach the falls from Helen, take 75 North about ten miles to Unicoi Gap, and as you approach the Gap start looking to the left for a somewhat obscure Forest Service road (FSR 44), which is very easy to miss. This is a fairly good gravel road, but one really needs a pickup truck or other stout vehicle, because the road is rough in places, and your vehicle can take a pounding for some five miles until you reach the Upper Chattahoochee Campground. Drive to the very back of the campground to reach the trail to the falls. The rest of the trip is fairly easy, the hardest part being numerous trees, both large and small, that have blocked the short foot trail to the falls. One first must cross the Chattahoochee River on a small footbridge, and I’m told this is the first bridge on the Chattahoochee, and the only one before it reaches Helen (actually Robertstown). The length of the trail is only a couple of hundred yards, but it seems farther because of all the trail obstructions. One can see the narrow 55-foot cascade from a distance, but approaching it close enough to get good pictures is a bit precarious, as just below the falls is a narrow chute through solid but perilously slick rock, and from the trail side only a partial view of the main run is visible. I crossed the narrowest section of the chute below the falls, taking great care not to slip, and was able to get decent video and photos. The fall changes dramatically from a time of plentiful water to drought periods when flow is greatly reduced, so while I went in the fall to enjoy the fine foliage, it’s best to plan a springtime trip to see the best waterfall.
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                      I like that connection with "Hooch" and moonshine. I really think we are on the right track.

                      Great find with the "slip" in the description of Horse Trough Falls.

                      I think Clue 1 gave us the general area of Georgia, Clue 2 is narrowing it down to this area of the Chattahoochee River/Horse Trough Falls, and I think Clue 3 will narrow it down further to Horse Trough Falls. I think after Clue 3 comes out it is going to be a footrace to the spot.

                      Hopefully one of you in this thread is local and can get out there and get it.


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                        Yeah this is looking like it will be a foot race when the last clue comes out. I figured out the Brasstown bald spot and waterfall just yesterday. Im too far away for this hunt but ive had fun researching this one. Good job to the Georgian who finds it


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                          I am about 2 hours away and I am willing to go BOTG. Once the final clue comes out, I would be happy to work with someone in exchange for a coin or two. The solver can certainly take all the credit. I'm not in this for fame...just a little jingle in my pocket.


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                            Originally posted by D.B.Cooper
                            I'm a pessimist for sure....... I like the Brasstown Bald Chattahoochee River Solution you guys came up with. If Horse Trough Falls is the general area I'm a Little Freaked Out about the WHY? I'm thinking the First Couple that solved the First Hunt are still chained up in the Guys basement somewhere. Isn't it a little strange why anyone would know so much information about a remote location in a distant state? The Upper Chattahoochee River Campground is right there. As soon as he spots you he knocks you out, drags you into his Camper Van and dismembers your body somewhere... I'm just saying... The dude could be a disgruntled Fenn searcher.. We don't know who this guy is. do we? NO... You could be walking into a trap... that's all I'm saying. Make sure you bring a friend and a Hand Gun.. I don't leave home without one these days. The Indianapolis Solve was about as strange as they come. The couple who answered the Questions on mysterious writings, was probably just this dude sitting naked in his dodge van waiting for his next victim. Good luck everyone
                            Well I certainly hope that isn't the case!!!

                            Honestly, I don't think that is something to worry about. But then again, I'm not going BOTG for this one so I guess I'll be safe either way.


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                              On mrclues last hunt i emailed him directly to get clarification on one of the clues and he responded back saying he would not answer me by email but would post that clarification so everyone can see it and not just me. So he seems to be on the up and up. The prize isnt big enough to go BOTG for me as I live too far away but id love to make a contribution on here with the 3rd clue. The only thing I havent figured out is why on clue #2 it says corner. Maybe you have to make a turn??