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    And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

    To Those

    Yes it is wonderful

    To Breakthrough


    I seen a video where Elonka had stated she would not pass along any solves to Jim Sanborn without an explanation of how the solve came about.

    So here it is.

    The 4th Solution is technically a Key.

    97 letters

    That when numbered can be used to create the solve.

    Similar to the Berlin Clock where certain panels are lit up at certain times.

    Applying that thought I sought how to utilize this method.

    In Solution 1 there is what people have called a misspelled word Iqlusion.

    Iqlusion = I Q Lusion = Intelligence Quotient Lusion which is a made up form of A Lusion.

    In Solution 2 there are coordinates that point at the courtyard opposite of where KRYPTOS is.

    Those coordinates are 38-57-6-5-77-8-44 and using corresponding letters from #4 the letters are as follows T-I-O-U-D-O-S which most people would view as a non solve. I viewed this as a Phonetic Transposition Cypher and is rendered as To Those as I grew up in the northeast US and Dos or Dose is how many people pronounce Those.

    Armed with that knowledge I went on to Solution 3 and with no numbers as a clue to use the Key of #4 . I decided to use the response of Howard Carter. ( Yes it is wonderful ) which is believed to be the actual response. And there was the q at the end which to me indicated Quotient as discovered in Solution 1. So armed with that information and searching online I found that in the original lobby for CIA Langley is a Bible quote "8:32 And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" . The chapter and verse separated with a colon looks the same as a time so I applied the Key of #4 for the numbers 8 and 32 and came up with OK .

    To me things were going perfect as there was door after door to explore as Jim Sanborn said there would be.

    So at this point we have a Quotient on the wall of the lobby of the CIA which could be seen while heading towards the courtyard side where the coordinates for Solution 2 led . Then we have the Allusion to the Bible Quote Itself.

    At that point things seemed good but just not complete.

    There seemed like there should be more than :


    And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

    To Those

    Yes it is a wonderful

    So back to Key of #4 and the clue of Berlin Clock that Jim Sanborn gave.

    I discovered there was a clock in Berlin known as Berlin Peace Clock or Berlin Clock of Peace.

    This was something good !

    Berlin Peace Clock had been started at the beginning of taking down the Berlin Wall and there was a Berlin Wall Sculpture at CIA Langley.

    But I needed more to complete Solution 4.

    So I found another Berlin Wall Sculpture named Breakthrough.

    When I went "To Breakthrough" sculpture online it was another door as Jim said it would be.

    The Breakthrough Sculpture Panels were chosen because of the name Unwahr which means "Untruths"

    These last 2 tidbits were perfect so I added them and viola 97 Letter Solve !

    So it fits the Key #4 !


    And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free

    To Those

    Yes it is wonderful

    To Breakthrough


    There it is , the message of KRYPTOS and the Life of the Successful Cryptographer .
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    The N in Berlin being #40 seems like the alphabet simply started over.


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      Originally posted by 5-leaf Blaze View Post
      The N in Berlin being #40 seems like the alphabet simply started over.
      Do you have a solution to show ?


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        Nothing at all. Havent started it yet.


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          Originally posted by 5-leaf Blaze View Post
          Nothing at all. Havent started it yet.
          You should give it a try. Nobody in entire CIA has been able to understand it.


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            another rabbit hole to for my brain to explode in on the way down..... I have a solve that I'm happy with BUT i just got to mess with the poem.


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              Originally posted by onekeyword View Post
              another rabbit hole to for my brain to explode in on the way down..... I have a solve that I'm happy with BUT i just got to mess with the poem.
              It's good brain exercise


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                Originally posted by Rose Livingstone
                Interesting read. I wonder if Sanborn knew the Breakthroughs artist Edwina Sandys. It looks like her sculpture was introduced only 6 days after Kryptos was dedicated.

                Glad you liked it !

                Here is some of my research notes :

                KRYPTOS 4



                O B K R 4

                CO G H U L B S O L I F B B W F L R V Q Q P R N G K S S O 31

                T W T Q S J Q S S E K Z Z W A T J K L U D I A W I N F B N Y P 31

                V T T M Z F P K W G D K Z X T J C D I G K U H U A U E K C A R 31



                This means that the letters from positions 64 to 74 spell out two words: "Berlin clock."

                N Y P


                V T T M Z F P K

                (LIN clock)

                8:32 = O G K S : K L U D I A KC LEFT TO RIGHT

                8:32 = ROSS : B F N I W A RA RIGHT TO LEFT


                As it happens, there is a famous public timepiece known as the "Berlin clock," a puzzle in itself that tells time through application of set theory. Its 24 lights count off the hours and minutes in rows and boxes, with hours in the top two rows and minutes in the two below.

                When asked whether his new clue was a reference to this Berlin clock, Mr. Sanborn, sounding pleased, said, "There are several really interesting clocks in Berlin."

                He added, "You’d better delve into that particular clock," a favorite of conspiracy theorists because of the mysterious death in 1991 of its designer, Dieter Binninger. With all the intriguing timekeepers in the city, including the "Clock of Flowing Time," Mr. Sanborn said, "There’s a lot of fodder there."

                BERLIN CLOCK

                How it functions

                The Set Theory Clock, also known as the Berlin Clock, makes use of the principle of set theory to depict the time. The time of day is displayed in a 24-hour format and can be determined by simply adding and multiplying the glowing lights.

                The first, uppermost row consists of 4 red lights, whereby each of these lights stands for 5 full hours.

                The 4 red lights in the second row display one full hour apiece.

                For example, if the first 2 lights in the uppermost row and all 4 lights in the second row are lit up, that represents 1400 hours, or 2 p.m. (2 × 5 + 4 hours).

                The third row is composed of 11 lights: 3 red and 8 yellow. Each light in this row stands for 5 elapsed minutes. The 3 red lights have been assigned to mark the quarters of an hour and are intended to make reading the clock easier.

                Last of all, the yellow row at the very bottom displays units of single minutes.

                The current time it is now 10:46 hours results from:

                = 5 hours × 2 = 10 hours

                = 0 hours

                = 5 minutes × 9 = 45 minutes

                = 1 minute

                = 10 + 0 hours and 45 + 1 minute = 10:46 hours

                The round yellow light crowning the clock at the top is of minor significance for telling the time: It blinks every second.


                60 seconds lights up 1 light on bottom row

                After all 4 lights in row 4 have been lit then 1 light on row 3 lights up

                Then after each light of row 3 light up then the series of row 4 begins again

                until 1 hour elapses then row 2 lights another light

                After all 4 lights in row 2 have been lit then 1 light on row 1 lights up


                TIMES TO DISCOVER

                Time Berlin Wall was taken down ?

                Times associated with peice of Berlin Wall placed at CIA Headquarters ?

                Times associated with peice of Berlin Wall placed at Winston Churchill Memorial ?

                CIA Motto John 8:32 "And Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free" ?

                Row 1 (1) O

                Row 2 ( 1,2,3) CO G

                Row 3 ( 1,2 , 3 ,4 ,5 , 6 ) T W T Q S J

                Row 4 ( 1,2 ) V T




                Berlin Wall Monument

                The three sections of the Berlin Wall Monument were taken from Checkpoint Charlie at Potsdamer /library/publications/resources/sites-to-see/images/berlin-wall-b.jpg/image.jpg/library/publications/resources/sites-to-see/images/berlin-wall-b.jpg/image.jpgPlatz in November 1989 when the wall came down. The Wall is located near the southwest entrance to OHB. It is oriented as it was in Berlinthe west side painted with graffiti and the east side whitewashed. The west side of the Wall is covered with graffiti that reflects the color, hope and optimism of the West itself. In stark contrast, the east side of the Wall is plan and devoid of color and life.

                In developing this monument, the CIA Fine Arts Commission decided on five precepts for its placement:

                pedestrian orientation,

                a sense of the Wall as an obstacle,

                an "unromantic presentation," and

                a measure of contemplation.

                The Wall is located in the middle of a path so that it must be confronted directlyjust as it was for nearly three decades by the citizens of Berlin. On both sides of the Wall is a bench-height wall where employees can sit and view the three segments and think about their history.

                The monument was dedicated on December 18, 1992.




                Bible Quote Carving

                Allen Dulles, the fifth and longest-serving Director of Central Intelligence, took a personal interest in the construction of the Original Headquarters Building (OHB). He was the son of a Presbyterian minister and insisted that a Biblical quotation be fixed in stone in the OHB Lobby. The verse "And Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free" John 8:32 now stands as the Agency motto. At the dedication ceremony for OHB, Dulles included this quotation in his speech.


                Winston Churchill Memorial


                In 1990, with the support of Westminster College, Sandys and her husband, Richard Kaplan, had traveled to East Berlin to secure portions of the wall. Upon their arrival in Berlin, however, the couple realized the sculpture would be costly, as 4-foot (1.2 m)-wide sections were selling for $60,000 to $200,000.[11] Fortunately, East German officials, intrigued by the idea of an erecting a Berlin Wall monument at the location of Churchill's 1946 speech, allowed Sandys to choose eight sections of the wall as a gift to Westminster College.[11]

                Sandys chose the sections from an area near the Brandenburg Gate, frequented by artists, because of the dramatic color of the graffiti. The repeated use of the word "unwahr" ("lies" or "untruths") within the sections also appealed to her.[12] Sandys modified the original sections by cutting out large male and female silhouettes from the wallthese cuts outs exemplified the newly-opened communication between East and West. When assembled, "Breakthrough" proved to be an enormous sculpture, roughly 11 ft (3.4 m) high by 32 ft (9.8 m) ft long.




                On November 9, 1990, after a nine-month effort, the "Breakthrough" sculpture stood appropriately in the foreground of the College's Winston Churchill Memorial and Library. Joined by former President Ronald Reagan, Senator John Ashcroft and German Minister Plenipotentiary Fritjof von Nordenskjoeld, Sandys introduced her sculpture to the assembled crowd. Forty-four years after her grandfather warned of an "iron curtain," the wide open doors of "Breakthrough" provided a concrete image of the newly realized freedom in Eastern Europe. The ceremonies concluded with a benediction by the Rev. Dr. William B. Huntley Jr., college chaplain.








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                  Kryptos has frustrated me over the years. I know "BERLINCLOCK" is the crib, and the method used allows for self-substitution, thus ruling out ENIGMA. I keep coming back to a Cold War teletype bitwise XOR encryption method (in keeping with the advancing eras theme of the puzzle) but no plain text in the previously solved sections reveals any coherent key.

                  Doesn't help that I can't get at the darn thing...


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                    K 4 So your happy with the result. Did you find the book? Did you really take the time to follow all the clues? I am happy you’re convinced you found the solution. It’s much like a form under law, it’s open to interpretation. TTFN.. I might add, solutions. There are a few.