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    Mysterious Writings has a new armchair hunt that was released on December 21st, titled, "The Sacred Scareb". It costs only $2.99 and has a $250.00 prize. It is purely armchair, with no need for boots on the ground.

    I am working on it currently, and am finding it to be very challenging. There is not much discussion about it on any of the forums. I'm not sure if that is because of its difficulty, or the timing of its release (right before the holidays). But if anyone is looking for a good challenge, I would recommend the MW hunt.

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    I went to check it out. It requires a full name, address, phone number, and email to get the scroll and there may be more information he wants but I couldn't get past the first screen. What about a social security number and blood type? No thanks.


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      The person who runs Mysterious Writings is Jenny, and she is very well known and respected in the treasure hunting community. She is on several forums, including her own. I don't think you will have any problems with giving her your address. And I am sure that she would be willing to just send you the hunt via email without giving up your location.


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        She should know her customer then. Not bashing any person, but the product . if she is well know and respected by serious searchers, she should adjust accordingly as this seems obvious there is a fatal flaw. What if they did this at fennobree? Hardy har har, nobody would show. Looks like she has the start of something good but wont go anytwhere without a key understanding of the community she is serving.


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          I will chime in as I see both sides of this. I participated in the early hunts and only because jenny seemed legit from my experience with her(though limited I really like her site). I do see how that much info may be a concern to some, but maybe it is due to security of collecting funds? I messaged her just so she knew of the issue and didn't ask for a response, but your voice has been heard! Hope you all have a great new year.
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