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Distances shorten between clues?

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  • Distances shorten between clues?

    This question isn't about FF. I read this somewhere before I ever learned of TTOTC when I was researching outcroppings as Spanish treasure markers. I can't find it again so I'm wondering if anyone else knows of this unspoken rule.

    The basic idea is that when following one clue to another, the distances are less and less. So that from point A to B might be a mile, B to C might be half a mile, and C to D might be a quarter of a mile.

    There's also something about the last clue (say, C to D) moving in the direction towards the starting point (A), I guess like a candy cane.

    Again not Fenn related, I'm just curious if anyone else has heard of this or knows of a source to read more.

    Thanks and happy hunting!

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    Also, this is how I learned of Forrest's treasure hunt. I was trying to research Spanish markers and TTOTC kept hogging my search results. I had heard of Fenn's tc but assumed it to be much smaller in scale, like a scavenger hunt, and I wrongly assumed it was long over. I kept trying to force it out of my search results to no avail, and finally caved and clicked on one of the links. Four years later and I'm still sucked in!


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      I can't answer you original question in this post, but as for being "..sucked in!" Yep, I get it. I was going through my list of YouTube subs, watched one and noticed a Fenn video suggestion. I clicked on it and on that day, never finished my YT list, but added a ton more to it all having to do with this hunt. Sucked in is an understatement.


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        Well, it makes sense. The first clue needs to be well known, highly visible, or characteristic of a particular area, otherwise the searchers wouldn't know where to begin. As ff put it, his poem is a map. We are drawing ever-smaller circles. Presumably, the clues/landmarks themselves could become more and more obscure as things progress also.